What Salon Procedures Are Needed Before The New Year

What Salon Procedures Are Needed Before The New Year
What Salon Procedures Are Needed Before The New Year

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The holiday is getting closer. There is more and more trouble. Not all ladies have time to put their skin, nails, hair in order on their own, to lose a couple of extra pounds before the main night of the year. To help those who are very busy - beauty salons.

What salon procedures are needed before the New Year
What salon procedures are needed before the New Year

You need to make an appointment with specialists long before the holiday, because there will be a lot of people willing. And in order not to waste time and money on unnecessary procedures imposed by the salon administrators, you need to decide which of them will be useful for you.

It's written on my face

Before the holiday, traumatic procedures cannot be carried out - deep peeling, mechanical cleansing of the skin of the face, surgical interventions. But several massage sessions, gentle cleansing of the surface of the epidermis will help prevent the appearance of pimples, hide wrinkles, and tighten the oval of the face.

Peeling with glycolic or lactic acid, A course of professional nourishing or moisturizing masks,

· Several sessions of lifting massage.

- This is the correction of expression and age wrinkles using mesothreads. But this procedure should be carried out 7-10 days before the New Year. Only a highly qualified cosmetologist can be entrusted with its implementation.

Body trembling

It is very difficult to lose extra pounds or fat deposits on your own. It is better to seek help from a specialist.

Professional peeling of the skin of problem areas of the body, · Mud or algal wrap.

Serious indicators of excess weight require a more serious approach. If you need to remove 5 kg or more, then a sculpting massage will help. It will take at least 5 procedures.

Another way out is hardware procedures. This category of "tools" for weight loss includes vacuum massage and microcurrent therapy.


But not only the body and face need to be put in order before the New Year. The pre-holiday bustle can incapacitate anyone. Stress prevention is quite simple, and, of course, SPA treatments will help.

When there is no time, you can take a minimal course - gentle oil massage for the head, intensive for the feet, pedicure, a visit to the steam room, aromatherapy.

The maximum is a whole day in the SPA-salon. Better to start with bath procedures - cedar barrel, hamam or classic sauna. The second step is a full body exfoliation using scented products. Next in line, let it be a relaxing massage, a chocolate wrap, a visit to the pool.

When the figure is far from perfect

For those who understand that all of the above measures will not help, we can recommend corrective underwear and a properly selected festive outfit. Clothes can work wonders and change a person beyond recognition. If there is no hope for your taste, then you can turn to a professional stylist for help.

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