What Is Bikini Design

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What Is Bikini Design
What Is Bikini Design

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Bikini design is the process of creating an intimate hairstyle, which is further decorated with rhinestones and sparkles. Pubic hair removal is also performed before the procedure. This is a rather unpleasant procedure.

Bikini design
Bikini design

Selecting a pattern

Regardless of the salon in which you decide to do this procedure, all the masters work according to the same scheme. To begin with, the wizard will show you ready-made drawings and offer you to choose one of them. Bikini designers usually have a variety of jobs available. You can also bring your sketches and sketches of the future intimate hairstyle to the beauty salon.

After choosing a pattern, you will be asked to sit on a cosmetic couch. Many people think that the bikini design procedure is done in a gynecological chair, but this is a common misconception. Further, the master treats the pubic hair with a special disinfectant. The composition not only allows you to process the skin, but also degreases the hairs, so that epilation can be easier. After all the procedures, the master applies a pattern to the skin using a stencil using a helium pen.

Epilation and bikini design

Next, the skin must be treated with talcum powder. Then the master carries out the epilation procedure without affecting the hairs that entered the drawing. You can also ask the master to make you a deep bikini, while the hairs are also removed from the labia and anus. This is a rather painful procedure. Further, the master trims the remaining hairs with a trimmer or scissors. They can also be dyed in any color. The drawing can be decorated with rhinestones or sparkles. But it should be remembered that after a shower, all this beauty can simply fall off.

If you want to add variety to your married life or want to pleasantly surprise your boyfriend, then the bikini design will be an excellent solution in this case. Currently, the following patterns are popular: snake, butterfly, flowers. Also, the drawing can be decorated with a temporary tattoo, which will look more attractive and interesting. Unfortunately, at present, the service is quite expensive, so it is mainly preferred by business women and girls of high-paying professions.

For those women who, as they say, have a wide bone, bikini designers are advised to choose designs with thin lines. And for slender girls, it is advisable to make drawings with wide lines. Currently, drawings in the form of labyrinths and crosses are also relevant. Hieroglyphs are in special demand among girls. Before the New Year, clients prefer to choose Christmas trees decorated with rhinestones, as well as snowflakes. The classic intimate hairstyle is the bunny head playboy. Bikini designs are mostly done by women.

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