How To Grow Rhinestones

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How To Grow Rhinestones
How To Grow Rhinestones

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In recent years, rhinestones have been actively practiced. The effect of mystical shimmering of hair attracts the eyes and gives mystery to the owner of this jewelry. Extension of rhinestones is carried out quickly and does not require any special efforts from the future owner of beautiful hair. There are several ways to build up rhinestones.

How to grow rhinestones
How to grow rhinestones

It is necessary

  • - a set of overhead strands of hair with rhinestones;
  • - fishing line with rhinestones;
  • - a set of rhinestones with a silicone holder.


Step 1

Buy a ready-made set of natural hair strands with rhinestones. You can opt for strands that are similar in color to your own hair, or you can choose strands that are lighter in tone (highlighting effect). The kit contains several strands and small hairpins. Use hairpins to attach the strands to the base of the hair to be decorated. Strands can be removed, washed, dried with a hairdryer.

Step 2

Contact a beauty salon for rhinestones. The salon specialist will collect a strand from the hairline of your head, the size of the strand is 5 x 5mm. The master will attach a keratin capsule that holds the line with rhinestones at a distance of 1 cm from the scalp, while retreating 5 - 7 cm from the parietal zone. Then, with the help of special tongs (high temperature is needed), he will melt the capsule and fuse the line with rhinestones with your own hair. Hair that grows above the level of the capsule attachment will cover the capsule formation site and make it invisible. The adornment is worn long enough (from two to three months), does not cause discomfort, but requires care when combing the hair.

Step 3

Contact specialized stores (cosmetic or hairdressing) to purchase a set of rhinestones with a silicone holder (the set contains a special hairpin and rhinestones in the amount of 12 pieces). Using silicone fasteners, secure the lock at the base of your own hair. This strand of hair with rhinestones can be used many times, in addition, silicone fasteners provide the ability to constantly change one rhinestone for another, differing in color and shape.

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