Inexpensive And Effective Method Of Rejuvenation

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Inexpensive And Effective Method Of Rejuvenation
Inexpensive And Effective Method Of Rejuvenation

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Modern women do not want to submit to age and with all their might resist the manifestations of approaching old age. Many of them, without hesitation, go to expensive and unsafe plastic surgery. But this is not an option, there are much more affordable and safe for health methods of rejuvenation. The effect of their use is long-term, they are safe and have no side effects. A reliable salon and an experienced specialist will work miracles with you, you just need to choose the required procedure.

Inexpensive and effective method of rejuvenation
Inexpensive and effective method of rejuvenation

Light energy as an effective method of rejuvenation

Anti-aging photorejuvenation technique uses a light pulse. Light energy of a given frequency and spectrum causes skin cells to intensively produce collagen and elastin, eliminates spider veins and age spots. As a result, the skin acquires an even, beautiful color and becomes elastic. Also, this method allows you to cope with the problem of acne. In warmed-up skin, metabolism is accelerated, and this contributes to faster healing of inflammatory processes. The procedures are carried out in courses. Their number is individual for each, on average 3-5 procedures are required, with breaks of 10-14 days.

Radio wave rejuvenation technique

This is the most effective technique to date. Radio wave lifting can return the skin to the state of five years ago in just one procedure. This is a real salvation for people prone to deformative age-related changes, such as the loss of a clear contour of the oval of the face, the appearance of a double chin, drooping eyelids, etc. The effect of the procedure occurs due to the heating of the deep layers of the skin and subcutaneous fatty tissue up to 40 degrees. It stimulates the production of collagen, hyaluronic acid, elastin in the skin. This gives the skin firmness and elasticity. The rejuvenation process does not stop for another six months after the procedure.

Laser resurfacing is a new method of rejuvenation

It is designed to remove wrinkles. This method is based on the use of a laser, which removes the top layer of the skin, in place of which young tissue appears. The laser beam splits into many small beams, forming what resembles a mesh, which burns the cells of the old epidermis. And then, from the remaining intact skin areas, the restoration of new cells begins.

Elos-rejuvenation - an innovative method of rejuvenation

This method has appeared quite recently, but has already managed to declare itself as a very effective means of returning youth. It involves a combination of light radiation and electricity energy. This rejuvenation method helps to cope with problems such as spider veins, pigmentation, wrinkles, scars and small scars, and dark circles under the eyes. The skin gains firmness and elasticity due to the renewed procedure of Elos-rejuvenation of collagen synthesis in the skin. Noticeable changes in the condition of the skin are noted after the first session. The course as a whole consists of 5-7 procedures with intervals of three to four weeks between them.

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