Secrets Of Healthy Eyelashes

Secrets Of Healthy Eyelashes
Secrets Of Healthy Eyelashes

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Every woman dreams of beautiful eyelashes, in the frame of which her eyes become even more attractive. How to keep your eyelashes healthy and beautiful?

Secrets of healthy eyelashes
Secrets of healthy eyelashes

Pay attention to the quality of your cosmetics. Poor mascara or eyeshadow formulation can worsen the condition of your eyelashes. You need to buy new mascara every three months. If your eyes react to makeup with redness, choose options for sensitive eyes.

Pick one day of the week when you walk around without eye makeup. The eyelashes also need rest.

Try to massage your eyelids occasionally - put castor oil on the pads of your index and middle fingers, put your fingers on your eyelids and make circular motions. Make sure that all eyelashes are oiled. The procedure should last at least 5 minutes. As a result, you will not only strengthen your eyelashes, but also improve your eyesight.

Wear sunglasses in sunny weather, as eyelashes also suffer from excessive ultraviolet radiation.

After bathing or washing, brush your lashes with a clean brush (you can use a mascara brush, but be sure to clean it before use). Eyelashes should not be glued together.

With careful use, lashes can be washed with hair shampoo (it is better to use a shampoo that does not sting the eyes) and then apply hair balm.

When removing makeup, in no case run a cotton pad along the lash line, rinse off mascara according to the growth of eyelashes - from top to bottom. In order for your eyelashes to be strong, you must eat properly and fully - there must be enough proteins, vitamins and minerals in the diet.

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