What Are The Benefits And Harms Of A Solarium

What Are The Benefits And Harms Of A Solarium
What Are The Benefits And Harms Of A Solarium

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Solarium services are used by both men and women and teenagers. Especially the demand for these services increases in the spring, when down jackets and coats are sent to the far corner of the closet, and after shopping, a pair of new blouses with a deep cut appear in the closet.

The harm and benefits of a tanning bed
The harm and benefits of a tanning bed

But, in addition to supporters of artificial tanning, there are also ardent opponents who are convinced that visits to the solarium cause irreparable harm to health. To join the part of the population who regularly visit tanning salons, or to its opponents, you should first familiarize yourself with the information that will help you make a decision.

Doctors recommend trips to the south for certain diseases in adults and children. Everyone knows that sunbathing in small amounts is beneficial because the body gets the right dose of vitamin D and the immune system is strengthened.

While sunbathing under UV lamps, we are not talking about any vitamin and, even more so, a beneficial effect on the immune system. But with the help of a tanning bed, especially on short winter days, you can help yourself to overcome depression, since ultraviolet light promotes the production of the hormones of joy - endorphins.

If you are planning a trip to one of the hottest countries, then you can first visit the solarium several times so that the skin is slightly tanned, thereby protecting yourself from burns on the first day of vacation under the hot sun.

The process of premature aging of the skin, and, as a consequence, the manifestation of wrinkles, during tanning in a solarium is more active than during natural tanning, since the ultraviolet rays from the lamps penetrate deeper into the skin and more intensely affect elastin and collagen.

If a person is taking hormones or antibiotics, tanning in a tanning bed can cause age spots. Before the first trip to the solarium, every girl and woman should definitely visit an oncologist and mammologist to exclude any possibility of developing gynecological diseases, skin or breast diseases.

If the doctor strongly does not recommend sunbathing in a solarium, you need to listen, because if you have a predisposition to female diseases or skin diseases, ultraviolet light can provoke the disease, accelerate the development and complicate its course, and also contribute to the transformation of the seal into a malignant tumor.

The artificial tanning process must be taken very seriously. Before the procedure, you need to ask the solarium worker how long the lamp has worked, since after 400 hours of service, the lamp becomes unusable and emits rays that adversely affect the breast tissue. If a girl or woman has silicone implants in her breasts, then the time spent in the solarium is reduced by 5 minutes compared to all others.

You need to remember about your health all the time, since a tan is short-lived, and bad consequences can remain for a long time or forever.

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