Eyelash Extension: Types Of Extension, Prices, Reviews

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Eyelash Extension: Types Of Extension, Prices, Reviews
Eyelash Extension: Types Of Extension, Prices, Reviews

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In order to provide themselves with a spectacular appearance, girls and women sometimes have to make a lot of efforts. Morning makeup alone can take a long time. Therefore, many ladies are trying to find the opportunity to perform cosmetic procedures that can provide the desired external effect for a long time.

Eyelash extension: types of extension, prices, reviews
Eyelash extension: types of extension, prices, reviews

Long, thick eyelashes can give the face a very expressive appearance. To become more attractive, you can spend time in front of the mirror every day, trying to get the desired effect using shadows and mascara. But there is also an easier option for gaining the expressiveness of the eyes - for this you will have to use a convenient procedure during which eyelash extensions are performed.

What is the procedure for eyelash extension


Not all girls have naturally long and lush eyelashes. Even if you are lucky in this regard and natural eyelashes are quite beautiful, under the influence of the environment, and sometimes excessive application of cosmetics, they break, thin out and fade. But the extension procedure has no aesthetic limitations and is often carried out in cases where girls want to save time that has to be spent on regular makeup.

After building up, you can fully appreciate the convenience of the procedure done - now, at any time, the eyes will have an expressive look. You no longer need to perform time-consuming steps to make your eyelashes beautiful, at the risk of being late for work. Under the influence of ultraviolet rays, the skin in the eye area becomes more beautiful and fresh, acquires a light golden hue. She does not need additional toning, the use of correctors or bronzers. Pencils and shadows, which are usually used for this purpose, are quickly removed from the eyelids when the skin is sweating.

Especially big inconveniences are in summer, when skin hydration occurs more often and more strongly. In such cases, there is no point in applying decorative cosmetics. The situation is even worse if it is extremely hot outside. In such weather, you have to wash your face several times more often, applying cosmetics does not help, since it quickly disappears from the face. If you want to always have a beautiful appearance, you should resort to the extension procedure. After this procedure, eyelashes acquire a wonderful appearance, the look becomes more attractive and expressive, while you do not have to fear for the safety of your makeup.

The extension procedure is not particularly fast - it can take about two hours. But you don't feel fatigue during it - you can just lie on the couch. The master gets more tired while using tweezers to separate natural eyelashes and carefully stick artificial ones on them.

How is the preparation for building


To prepare well for the procedure, you need to perform several preliminary activities. Be sure to remove makeup - not only from the eyes, but also from the entire face. It is better if the client comes with no makeup at all. Degreasing of eyelashes is performed, for which a special composition is used. Lower eyelashes for the period of work with upper ones are glued using special stickers. This must be done so that they do not cling to the upper ones. A highly qualified master will certainly disinfect instruments before work, take an interest in the client's wishes for the result, and provide possible options for eyelashes to choose from.

It is very important to carefully consider the choice of the master. This will help not only to get the desired result, but also not to be afraid of health problems. An inept specialist can unnoticeably introduce an infection into the eye, and because of poor-quality materials, natural eyelashes can fall out.

After the procedure is over, it is necessary to perform some mandatory steps.The eyelashes should be brushed with a special brush. The first five hours after the procedure, contact with moisture and cosmetics is not allowed. Eyes should not be rubbed with hands, in order to avoid even slight mechanical damage, you should not stick your face into the pillow during sleep. Do not use curling tongs - this can lead to eyelash loss in the first step. The use of waterproof and creamy cosmetics is not allowed - they can destroy the adhesive.

All recommendations on further behavior after eyelash extension must be voiced by the master to the client. In order for the results to last as long as possible, they must be performed without fail.

Before arriving for the procedure, it is worthwhile to familiarize yourself in more detail with the execution techniques, the caring procedures after the end of the master's work, learn about the influence of materials and types of work execution. Feedback on the work of the selected specialist is very important.

How to determine the length of future eyelashes


When choosing the length, it is worth remembering that with the help of eyelashes it will be possible to correct the shape of the eyes. Even with a light touch-up with mascara, your eyes will look brighter and more expressive. After extension, the eyelashes will be fluffy, they do not fall off throughout the day, the external effect is long-lasting.

The shorter the hairs, the more natural the eyes look. The length of the artificial ones can be selected in the range of 6-15 mm. The thickness of such hairs also differs - to achieve a natural effect, you can choose 0.1 mm or 0.15 mm.

Extension types

A delightful effect can be achieved by combining different extension options. Their types are as follows:

  • Extension is full or volumetric. This type is the most popular - it allows you to give lashes not only the desired length, but also volume and curl. When carrying out a full extension, artificial eyelashes are applied to each of the natural ones. Choosing a certain length and thickness of the villi, you can achieve not only the effect of naturalness, but also glamorous, or "theatrical".
  • The build-up is incomplete, or sparse. When choosing an incomplete type, artificial eyelashes will be glued not on each of the natural ones, but after one. This allows for a more natural looking eye. This option is used for creative extensions - after each natural eyelash, there is one that has a deliberately large length, or colored.
  • "Hollywood" build-up with 3D effect. The procedure consists in sticking two or more artificial eyelashes on each of the natural eyelashes. This method is good for showing the expressiveness of the eyes on stage, but not particularly suitable for everyday life.
  • Extension in the corners of the eyes. It is performed from the middle of the eye to its outer corner. At the same time, they look slightly raised, like in cats.

The most common extension techniques are:

  • Natural look. The technique is simple, natural materials are used - the client receives eyelashes from silk or mink.
  • "Fox" look - hairs of different lengths are used, the longest are attached to the corners of the eyes and to the middle.
  • "Puppet" look. With it, hairs with a large length are distributed along the contour of the eyelid.
  • "Squirrel" look. The eyelashes will be lengthened closer to the outer corners of the eyes to create something like a squirrel brush.
  • "Cocktail" look. Here it is important to alternate eyelashes in thickness, for which various materials are used - mink and sable, silk and rubber.

Extension prices

In beauty salons, the price for hair extensions can be found in the range of 3000-5000 rubles. It may depend on the materials chosen, the prestige of the establishment, and the choice of effects. If you want to save money, you can turn to the services of students in such salons.The work will be performed by inexperienced personnel, but under the supervision of a professional master, which is a guarantee of the safety of the procedure and the prevention of erroneous actions.

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