How Can You Dye Your Hair

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How Can You Dye Your Hair
How Can You Dye Your Hair

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Women are rarely satisfied with their appearance. The easiest way to change something about yourself is to give up your usual hair color. There are many ways to dye your hair for a short or long time.

How can you dye your hair
How can you dye your hair

How to dye your hair

All dyes can be divided into four groups. These are chemical, bleach, vegetable and tint. You need to understand that dark hair must be lightened before dyeing in light shades. You can discolor or lighten strands using special substances that can make dark hair lighter by several tones. All decolouring substances are separated into an independent group, since they are used both independently and in almost all painting methods. All bleaching substances have a destructive effect on both the roots and the ends of the hair, which means that after their application the hair requires careful care.

The next group includes chemical dyes. They interact with the keratin of the hair, changing its color. Such dyes are often used after the use of decolouring agents. Such chemical dyes permanently color the hair, chemically interacting with its structure and partially destroying the natural pigment. Regular use of them greatly affects the structure and health of the hair. Therefore, they should be used limitedly and, at least, take care of the curls with the help of special caring agents between staining procedures.

Basma's black color itself looks very unnatural, so it is usually mixed with henna for more natural shades.

Dyes of the third group include physical, that is, chemically inactive. This group includes tinting and tinting foams, shampoos, rinses and balms. Such dyes act exclusively on the surface layers of the hair, without interacting with keratin. The color durability of such substances depends on the general condition of the hair and the degree of its porosity. Tough curls do not retain such a dye on themselves for a long time, since the dye is very quickly washed off from them. But soft fluffy hair with increased porosity "absorbs" the dye, as a result it is quite difficult to wash it, so the color remains for a long time. Dyes of this group are used for minor changes in the shade of the hair, since they cannot paint over gray hair or greatly change the "native" shade.

To make your hair feel better after dyeing, you should use special shampoos, masks and conditioners for colored hair.

Henna and basma for coloring

The fourth group includes natural dyes that do not affect the hair structure at all. They penetrate deep into the hair due to biologically active substances, firmly taking root in the hair. Natural dyes can have black, reddish shades. These products provide long-lasting color and heal hair. The only problem is applying them. To stain with henna or basma looks as good as possible, it takes a lot of time and effort. Natural dyes are very persistent, so it is extremely difficult to correct any color error. They fit especially tightly on never dyed light brown hair.

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