How To Dye Your Hair A Lighter Tone

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How To Dye Your Hair A Lighter Tone
How To Dye Your Hair A Lighter Tone

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If you decide to slightly change your appearance and dye your hair a tone lighter, it is best to contact a specialist in a beauty salon. But if you do not have such an opportunity or desire, try to do the staining yourself.

How to dye your hair a lighter tone
How to dye your hair a lighter tone

It is necessary

Comb, brush, paint


Step 1

First of all, you need to choose the right paint. If you don't want the result to disappoint you, and your hair is too light, it is better to buy everything you need from a specialty store or hairdressing salon. They usually sell only high quality paint, which is used by professionals. Coloring with such products does not harm the hair structure and rarely gives an undesirable result. In addition, sellers can help you determine what your current hair color is and what color you should choose.

Step 2

If you are going to dye your hair for the first time, you can purchase a special brightener. If they have already been painted, you will need paint with color pigments, as simple lightening may not work.

Step 3

All the tools needed for painting are usually included with the paint. All you need is a comb - a comb and possibly a brush (if not in the box), but you can do without it to dye the entire head in one color.

Step 4

Mix all the required ingredients according to the instructions. Wear the gloves that come with the paint.

Step 5

Comb through your hair and gradually apply the dye from roots to ends. After all the strands are in the paint, comb them so that the product is evenly distributed. Wait about forty minutes. The time is usually indicated in the instructions and may vary, depending on the product itself. Then see if the paint has worked. If not, then wait another 5 minutes, but not more, and wash off the paint. The final color will be visible after the hair dries.

Step 6

For too dark strands, you may need another coloring procedure, which can be carried out no earlier than after 10 days, otherwise you will ruin your hair.

Step 7

In order for everything to work out the first time, you need to buy a very strong paint (with a corresponding mark on the package), but it is quite dangerous to use it, since an inexperienced person can overexpose and burn hair.

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