How To Apply Tinted Shampoo

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How To Apply Tinted Shampoo
How To Apply Tinted Shampoo

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Give dull hair shine, add some bright, lively shades without damaging the hair structure - these are the functions of tint shampoos, which are very popular among women of all ages. By gently enveloping the hair, the tinted shampoo enhances its color and appearance. The main thing is to apply it correctly and evenly.

How to apply tinted shampoo
How to apply tinted shampoo


Step 1

First of all, do not confuse tint shampoo with balm. The medium of the shampoo is alkaline, while that of the balm is acidic. The shampoo not only colors, but also washes the hair, and therefore you can use it every day to maintain color, but the main purpose of the balm is to heal by adding a little color to the hair.

Step 2

The tint shampoo should always be applied after the main shampoo to clean, damp hair (not wet, water should not drain from it). It is better if you dry them slightly with a towel or hairdryer before applying the tinted shampoo. This will provide better coloration.

Step 3

Pay attention to the labels on the shampoo packaging. There are very concentrated formulations of shampoos, and many experts advise in this case to dilute them. Especially if you have blonde hair or just want to improve the color rather than radically change it. Blondes and people with damaged hair should be most careful with tint shampoos (chemistry, frequent use of a hairdryer and styling products, etc.), because dyeing your hair in one color, you risk getting a completely different one (for example, instead of chocolate - bright red). To prevent this from happening, it will be better to apply a diluted shampoo composition to the hair: 2-3 teaspoons of shampoo per liter of warm water. Also, the concentrated composition can be diluted with a regular shampoo in a ratio of 50 to 50, applied to the hair, lather and rinsed with warm water.

Step 4

The tint shampoo is applied directly to the hair and spreads over its entire length by foaming. Do not overdo it by rubbing it into the hair roots - you risk dyeing the scalp, which will not look aesthetically pleasing. Use a comb, preferably a regular comb, rather than a massage brush, to distribute the product evenly over the entire length of your hair. You can hold the composition on your hair for a while, so the color will be brighter and more saturated.

Step 5

If, after using the tint shampoo, the color did not suit you, you do not need to be upset, because it will wash off in a few days. After that, you can try another remedy that is more suitable for your hair.

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