How To Get Blue Hair Color

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How To Get Blue Hair Color
How To Get Blue Hair Color

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The modern world provides millions of opportunities to express yourself. For a woman, hair color can change almost anything. Especially when it comes to such an unusual color as blue or cyan.

How to get blue hair color
How to get blue hair color

Why this particular color

Women choose blue hair color for a variety of reasons. Someone from childhood "sunk into the head" of the image of Malvina, someone wants to change extremely, and more traditional shades seem to be an insufficient measure, there are girls who simply strive for constant shocking.

It is important to understand that blue hair can cause ridicule and misunderstanding from others. You need to have an inner core, a firmness of spirit, in order to perceive the reaction of the surrounding world without embarrassment. If you feel like you might not be strong enough, try a less extreme hair color first. For example, a bright but natural red hair color can become a kind of rehearsal, since people react quite violently even to it.

There are several ways to dye your hair blue. If you want to achieve a temporary effect, use special mascara, crayons or special sprays. In this way, you can color the entire hair or highlight individual strands. Such products can be ordered online or purchased from specialized stores.

How to dye your hair for a long time

To achieve permanent blue hair color, you can use home or professional remedies. Home remedies are usually a "hellish" mixture of brilliant green, blue hair tonic or other dyes. However, this method is unsafe for hair health and cannot guarantee the result.

Among professional paints, different brands have the necessary shades. Among them are Igora and Schwarzkopf. Their products can also be ordered online, bought at any cosmetic store, purchased at a hairdresser or salon. You can use the services of a good master who will carry out all the necessary procedures, minimizing potential harm.

Please note that before dyeing the hair in sky blue, it must be discolored. It is quite dangerous to bleach hair at home. All compounds that give the desired effect are extremely poisonous, so they must be used exactly according to the instructions, protecting the eyes, nose, and all mucous membranes. So for discoloration, even if you want to do further painting yourself, you should contact a salon. Here you can also order an up-to-date, unusual haircut that will create a new look for you. After dyeing, several times a month, you will need to treat your hair with toner to keep the new color bright enough.

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