Is Tint Balm Harmful For Hair

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Is Tint Balm Harmful For Hair
Is Tint Balm Harmful For Hair

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Sometimes there comes a period in life when you want to change something in yourself. The very first option that comes to the mind of girls is hair coloring. For those who are afraid of ruining their hair with paint, special tint balms have been created.

Is tint balm harmful for hair
Is tint balm harmful for hair

What is a tint balm?

Tint balm is a safe cosmetic product that does not contain such harmful components as ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. Instead of these components, gentle coloring components are included in the tint balm, as well as nourishing flax oil, which improves the structure of the hair.

The action of the tint balm

A tint balm creates an effect like a permanent paint, but not for such a long period. The effect of using a tinted shampoo disappears after two or three shampoos. After a week, the hair color will begin to fade, but unlike dyeing, you can repeat the procedure and restore the color saturation.

The color range of tinted shampoos is much wider than that of conventional hair dyes. And if the beautiful half of humanity wants to experiment with their hair, then the product is perfect. But it should be remembered that the desired hair color should not be radically different from the tone you choose.

The pigment of the tint balm does not penetrate into the hair structure, but only covers it from the outside. Thanks to this, the strands are not damaged, and due to the content of vitamins and moisturizing substances, they become softer and acquire a natural shine.

How to apply tint balm

Before purchasing such a balm, it is necessary to clearly determine the color, although the effect of the balm lasts for several days.

Apply the balm to damp hair immediately after shampooing. Application must necessarily take place with gloves so that skin irritation does not occur on the hands. A small amount of balm is squeezed into the palm of your hand and distributed evenly with both hands over all the hair, while helping with a comb. To get your hair dyed well, it is best to ask someone for help.

After application, you must put a plastic cap on your head and wrap it in a towel. After half an hour, you need to wash off the balm by thoroughly rinsing your head.

Which tint balm to choose

The tint balm is completely harmless to the hair of any woman. But, deciding to dye your hair with it, you need to purchase only well-known brands.

You should not try to save money on balm. Remember that the price corresponds to the quality, and a cheap tint balm can be bad for the health of your hair.

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