How To Learn To Braid Yourself

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How To Learn To Braid Yourself
How To Learn To Braid Yourself

Video: How To Learn To Braid Yourself

Video: How To Learn To Braid Yourself
Video: How To Dutch Braid Your Own Hair Step By Step For Complete Beginners - FULL TALK THROUGH 2023, December

Braiding yourself in pigtails is easy. They can be traditional, side, French. To create a romantic look, you will need a comb, a large mirror, and theoretical knowledge.

French braid
French braid

Spit has a long history. She makes sure that the hair does not get in the way and at the same time looks amazing.

Weaving braids on yourself is easy. If you want to master a new type of weaving, then you need to do this in front of the mirror. The trellis will be ideal, which opens the view not only from the front, but also from the sides, from behind.


A traditional braid is woven from three strands. Many others are based on this technique. So "spikelet" or French braid has the same technology.

First, the hair must be combed well. Now you need to take the first strand that grows near the forehead. On either side of it, one more strand is taken. In total, there are 3 of them - central and 2 lateral. The whole process must be observed in the mirror, then it will be clear how to braid a "spikelet" for yourself.

The left strand is placed on the central one, then on top of it - the right one. To the strand that is now on the left, a little hair growing from this side is added. You can pick up new strands with your hand or with the sharp tip of a comb.

The left strand and the part of the hair connected to it on this side is placed in the middle of the main weave. Now you need to do the same with the right strand and part of the hair growing on this side.

This is how the whole head is formed. Then a regular braid is braided along the length of the remaining hair. It can be arranged in the form of a bunch, stabbed with hairpins and decorated with a hairpin. The French braid is ready.

Side braid

Now braids are very fashionable, lying beautifully on the right side of the head. You can also braid such beauty yourself, sitting near the mirror.

They also begin to create a hairstyle from the central frontal part of hair growth. If there are no bangs, then you can start with a strand growing at the temple. The weave used here is called "reverse". Unlike the usual one, the side strands are placed not on, but under the central one.

The braid should lie on the right side of the head, so weave from this side. Take 3 identical strands from the frontal or temporal part. If with the temporal, then a side parting is done.

Now part of the hair growing near it on the same side is added to the right strand. They are placed under the center strand. Weaving on the left is carried out in the same way. When 10 centimeters of the braid appeared, then to give it volume, you need to slightly pull on the braided strands. The braid will become more magnificent.

When the entire right side is framed in this way, the remaining hair is braided to create a long braid. It can be left in this form or put on the left side of the head and fixed with hairpins, hairpins. The side braid is ready.

With this hairstyle, your hair will look beautiful and tidy all day long.