Which Knees In Women Are Considered Beautiful

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Which Knees In Women Are Considered Beautiful
Which Knees In Women Are Considered Beautiful

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Today there are many beauty standards that women try to meet at any cost. However, there is a part of the body that cannot be corrected with plastic surgery or exercise - the knees. What kind of knees are considered beautiful and how should they be looked after so that they always remain so?

Which knees in women are considered beautiful
Which knees in women are considered beautiful

The standard of beauty

The size and shape of a beautiful female knee depends on factors such as joint structure, muscle structure and skin condition. There are a number of parameters by which you can determine the beauty of your knees. In a relaxed state, the knee should take on a rounded shape, and its back should be thin and approximately equal to the thickness of the ankle. In this case, a thickening of the rear part in comparison with the ankle is allowed - but not much.

An obligatory nuance - the ankle, compared to the knee, should be graceful, but by no means thin.

Knees are also considered beautiful, on the sides of which there are no protrusions, and under the knee itself there is a small depression. The kneecaps should be well supported by the muscles and not move inward, creating the feeling of crooked knees. The knee itself should not be too bulging compared to the rest of the leg, as is the case with too thin girls. When bending the leg, a beautiful knee should remain rounded, and not stick out with an angular part outward.

Woman knee care

In order for knees of any shape and size to always remain beautiful and well-groomed, they must be pampered. Since there are too few sebaceous glands in the knee area, their skin often becomes dry and inelastic, accumulating dead cells on its surface. It is necessary to exfoliate them with gels, foams and scrubs, which include fruit acids. They stimulate cell division due to their bio-substances, as a result of which the skin of the knees is regularly renewed.

Do not use soap and hot water to care for dry skin of your knees - they will dry it out even more.

In addition, knee scrubs, gels and foams can be replaced with natural honey scrub. It contains vitamins C and E, which will provide the skin with constant regeneration, hydration and healing. To prepare it, you need to mix one tablespoon of castor oil, honey and coarse sea salt. The scrub must be slightly warmed up and rubbed thoroughly into the skin of the knees, leaving them so for ten to fifteen minutes. After the time has passed, the scrub must be washed off with warm water.

Also, it is advisable to moisturize the knees twice a day with creams, which include panthenol, aloe, castor and sea buckthorn oil, vitamins A, K, E and PP, which will prevent dryness, flaking and aging of the skin of the knees. Thanks to this care, knees will always remain beautiful and attractive.

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