Methods For Laying A Graduated Square

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Methods For Laying A Graduated Square
Methods For Laying A Graduated Square

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The most popular and versatile haircut today is the graduated bob. It does not go out of fashion due to its classic look and the ability to make adjustments to it as the hair grows with styling.

Methods for laying a graduated square
Methods for laying a graduated square

Haircut features

A graduated bob is a short haircut in which the hair on the back of the head is cut shorter, gradually lengthening the strands towards the face. On the back of the head, the length of the hair rarely falls below the middle of the back of the head. Facial hair is left chin-length or longer.

Do not make a square on curly hair. The square looks advantageous on straight, heavy and thick hair. Also, the square will not cause much trouble for women with normal hair type. But the owners of hair with a light wave will have to face the fact that the hair does not obey, and the ends stick out in different directions.

Graduated squares are not suitable for sore and weak hair. It will only emphasize their damaged structure. Like any haircut, a bob requires constant care and maintenance.

Laying a graduated square

The graduated square fits easily at home. Volume can be created with sprays and foams, drying hair head down. After drying, pull out the strands with a large diameter brush.

For hairstyles without volume, products with silicone are suitable. Silicone is not bad for hair like other styling products if you wash your hair often enough.

With the installation of a graduated square, you can improvise. Styling hair in a strict classic style will be spectacular. You can create a "mess" on your head by applying foam to your hair and shaking your head. Graduated squares can be stacked in levels in different directions, getting live volume.

Graduated bob and face shape

For owners of an oval face, a graduated square with bangs is suitable. If your face isn't too long, you can try asymmetrical or torn bangs.

It is difficult to choose a haircut for a round face. To compensate for the small length of the face? a graduated square with lengthening is suitable. The bangs are preferable oblique or torn.

The angularity of a square face can be compensated for with light, torn and profiled strands. You should not make a square with straight bangs: it will emphasize the already wide cheekbones. Bangs are possible, but only oblique. To soften the features of the face, torn ends are usually made.

The diamond-shaped face is distinguished by wide cheekbones, a narrow chin and temples. As well as a square face, straight bangs are contraindicated for a diamond-shaped face. Any type of square is suitable for this type of face, even a graduated square with asymmetry.

If the face has a triangular shape, then it is better to stop your attention on a graduated square with bangs.

A full face with a double chin should not make a short square. Let the length be no higher than shoulder level. You can make light straight bangs. Start the graduation under the chin. This will help hide unwanted fat.

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