How To Cut A Square On A Leg

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How To Cut A Square On A Leg
How To Cut A Square On A Leg

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A bob is that haircut that will always be in fashion for many thousands of women. The beauty of this hairstyle is that there are many types of this hairstyle, so you can choose the most suitable for any type of appearance. Depending on the style, this haircut can be casual or evening. At the same time, she is quite easy to care for.


It is necessary

Hairdressing scissors straight and thinning, comb, clips (hairpins), hairdryer for styling, water spray


Step 1

A bob "on a leg" is one of the types of this wonderful haircut. Even a person who does not have too much experience in hairdressing will be able to cope with it, since the technology of this haircut is quite simple. It is believed that a square "on a leg" is more suitable for brunettes, since usually their hair is thicker, so it is better to wear such a hairstyle. Although a professional haircutter can make such a haircut on any hair.

Step 2

The first thing to do before starting a haircut is to wash your hair and wring it out with a towel. Hair should be damp, not wet. Comb the washed hair well. Divide the head into four zones: to do this, run the vertical and horizontal parting through the middle of the head. Use the clamps to pin in the resulting areas.

Step 3

Now you can start cutting. Remove the clamps from the back of the head. Draw a horizontal parting at ear level. Secure the top of your hair with bobby pins or clips. Cut the lower part in the form of a cape. Then, after 1-2 cm, separate the hair with another horizontal row, secure the upper hair with a clip, cut the lower hair as last time, but making them a little shorter. Continue this sequence of steps until you reach the ear line. You can profile the back of your head to make it look tidier.

Step 4

From the remaining hair on the back of the head, separate a part with a horizontal parting. Cut to whatever length you would like in the back. This will be the baseline of the square. Then, after 1-2 cm, separate another row of hair, trim them at the level of the previous ones. Do this until you have finished all the hair at the back of your head.

Step 5

Now you need to cut your whiskey. Free the hair from the clip on one side. Make a horizontal parting 1-2 cm from the edge of hair growth, secure most of it again with a hairpin. Cut the remaining hair, lengthening or rounding it to the face. Separate a row of hair 1-2 cm wide again, trim at the same level as the previous hair. Decorate the entire temporal zone in the same way. On the other hand, do the same. At the same time, make sure that the temporal and occipital zones smoothly pass into each other, make up a single whole.

Step 6

Make bangs. You can style straight or oblique bangs. And you can do without it at all. Here, be guided by your taste or the wishes of the client. Dry and style your hair with a hair dryer.

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