How To Part

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How To Part
How To Part

Video: How To Part

Video: How To Part
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When creating a hairstyle, stylists resort to many tricks to correct the oval of the face, to give the image originality and harmony. Business rarely does without parting. It can be used to divide hair into equal or unequal parts, add extra volume to the hairstyle, and so on.

How to part
How to part

It is necessary

  • - a comb with a long thin handle;
  • - hairdryer;
  • - styling product.


Step 1

First blow dry your hair using a hair dryer and a wide round brush and apply a little foam or mousse to your hair. To create a parting, you will need a comb with a long tail, a paint brush that also has a tail to separate strands, or any thin stick with a rounded end. It is enough to run a stick along the skin at a slight angle where it is planned to part and part the hair.

Step 2

The classic version of the parting is straight. It is done to give the hairstyle strict symmetry. It starts from the hairline on the forehead and ends at the crown. This parting is not suitable for everyone. Only the owners and owners of perfectly flat features, an oval face can afford the classics. For people with a round face, such a parting is categorically contraindicated, as it widens the face even more.

Step 3

For chubby people, a side parting is suitable, which divides the hair into unequal parts. It is done starting from the frontal notch, ending with the middle of the head. The result is a slanting bang that will correct a large nose, round cheeks, or a pointed chin.

Step 4

The most difficult part is to make a zigzag parting. Although it is used less often, it looks very impressive. It lifts the hair for extra volume. To create it (it does not matter if you do it on the side or in the center), draw a thin handle of a brush or combs in a zag-zag manner, and then separate the strands from each other, stacking them in turn. Use additionally mousse, gel or wax to highlight strands.

Step 5

It is important to part not from the forehead, but from the side of the occipital-parietal part, then the hairstyle will turn out to be more magnificent, and the parting itself will be less visible. This is especially true in the case of overgrown roots, which it is desirable to hide. Next, secure your hair with varnish. Chess and diagonal partings are done in the same way. They are used for the same purposes as zigzag ones.