Long Bob: Stylish And Practical

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Long Bob: Stylish And Practical
Long Bob: Stylish And Practical

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The elongated bob has not gone out of fashion for a very long time. This hairstyle looks very nice and neat, and it is also very easy to maintain. It is believed that an elongated bob is suitable for almost any type of hair and face shape.

Long bob: stylish and practical
Long bob: stylish and practical

Long bob: haircut and styling

The length of the hair with an elongated square should be slightly higher than the shoulders. Hair can be cut straight or made into longer strands located at the back or front. This haircut can be done with or without bangs. In both cases, the hairstyle will look harmonious and stylish even after simple styling with a comb and hair dryer. The elongated bob will help to correct the face. This hairstyle will mask plump cheeks and wide cheekbones, soften a heavy chin. A square with bangs will visually reduce a long nose and hide a narrow forehead. This hairstyle will favorably emphasize the line of the neck.

The elongated bob is laid with a comb and a hair dryer. You need to comb your slightly damp hair and part it into a part. Start styling from the back of the head, moving gradually towards the temples and crown. To add volume to your hair, you can comb it a little at the roots. Curl the ends of your hair inward on the sides with a round comb. You can use large curlers by winding dried hair over them. Then you need to dry your hair with a hairdryer and fix it with varnish.

If the square is made with bangs, start styling with it, and then move on to the back of the head.

Long square options

This haircut can be done in two versions: an asymmetric elongated bob and a graduated bob with elongated strands. An asymmetrical bob has long strands at the face, they become shorter towards the back of the head, opening the neck.

An asymmetrical elongated square can be supplemented with highlighting or coloring. This hairstyle will look very stylish.

The elongated graduated square is performed with a "ladder", so the strict lines of the haircut are slightly blurred. This look is more feminine and softer. The haircut turns out to be more voluminous, the hair looks thick and lush.

A hairstyle with extended front strands is also called a "bob". The back of the head is cut short, and the front strands are made longer. This hairstyle can be with or without bangs, it can be done with a straight, oblique or zigzag parting. In any case, this haircut will look stylish.

Laying an elongated graduated square also does not take much time. She will need a hairdryer, a round hairbrush, and a few clips. Wet your hair, comb it. Part it. Divide your hair into several zones: the back and two side zones. Use a clip to separate the top layer of your hair so it doesn't get in the way. Dry the hair at the back of your head. Then move on to the rest of your hair. Carefully remove the clips from the upper strands, distribute them over the already dried ones and dry them with a hairdryer. Do the same with the side strands.

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