How To Wind Up A Square

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How To Wind Up A Square
How To Wind Up A Square

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Perhaps one of the oldest on earth is the bob haircut. It originated in ancient Egypt. And periodically returns to our lives, adding any new elements to the design. And now the square is at the height of fashion. These tips will help you style your hair with this haircut.

How to wind up a square
How to wind up a square


Step 1

A square can be selected for any woman, regardless of face shape, status and age. This is truly the most common and elegant haircut. She combines grace and simplicity, ideal for both a young girl and a respectable lady. It does not take long to lay it.

Step 2

Before creating a hairstyle, you need to wash your hair well, rinse it with conditioner, and, without drying it completely, start styling.

Step 3

A bob haircut is very easy to fit. Just a few minutes before leaving the house and you have a perfect look. You can leave an even parting or make it obliquely. Use a large round brush to tuck your hair inward when drying - and your hair is ready. And to secure the hairstyle, apply some lather to damp hair before styling. After they dry, you can fix the styling with varnish.

Step 4

You can create a light effect by curling the ends of the hair slightly outward. You can use an iron for this. This hairstyle will look young and perky. In this case, it is necessary to grab the strand not by the endings themselves, but several centimeters higher.

Step 5

The zigzag parting also looks very original on the square. It is quite simple to make it. Divide your hair into two halves and part it evenly with a sharp-toothed comb. Then brush the comb side by side away from the center of the head. After dividing your hair into strands, repeat the procedure. If you use a special mascara for this hairstyle, then your hairstyle will turn out to be very original. She's perfect for a party.

Step 6

If you have a celebration ahead or just a trip to the theater or an exhibition, do the following hairstyle. Roll your slightly damp hair with curlers and let dry. Carefully remove the curlers and straighten the curls. Great waves will turn out. To securely fasten it, you can separate the strands with your fingers and lubricate with gel. Or you can leave large curls and also fix them.

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