Choosing The Right Hairstyle

Choosing The Right Hairstyle
Choosing The Right Hairstyle

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Of course, when choosing a haircut model, it is best to focus on your face type. A competent hairdresser can always choose the perfect hairstyle for you, which is right for you. But you yourself can easily determine the shape of your face and choose a hairstyle that will make certain adjustments and bring the contour of your face closer to the ideal shape - an oval.

Face shapes
Face shapes

And so, if you have:

1. Round face. A medium length hairstyle, a ladder or a cascade is certainly very suitable for you. Make no mistake - straight bangs don't suit you at all. Comb it a little to one side, profile it, it will become lighter and more airy.

2. Oval face. You are lucky. Almost anything suits you. Any haircut makes you attractive. Focus only on your hair type and your preferences.

3. Triangular face. You need a visual taper in the upper part of the face and absolutely do not need to emphasize sufficiently wide cheekbones and a narrow chin. Your face will help to correct the side parting, asymmetrical model haircut, side bangs.

4. Elongated face. You need medium hair length. Too short and too long haircuts, unfortunately, are contraindicated for you. Also, a parted part and hair that is smoothly pulled back do not suit you. Filtered, torn, light bangs and a voluminous medium length hairstyle - that's your choice.

5. Diamond-shaped face. It is necessary to visually narrow the forehead and chin, and, on the contrary, widen the temples and cheekbones. Parting straight and hair cut perfectly straight are not for you, try to avoid them. Choose a round haircut with a side parting.

6. Square face. Short voluminous hairstyles, side parting and side bangs suit you.

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