How To Choose A Haircut For Coarse Hair

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How To Choose A Haircut For Coarse Hair
How To Choose A Haircut For Coarse Hair

Video: How To Choose A Haircut For Coarse Hair

Video: How To Choose A Haircut For Coarse Hair
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To choose a haircut for coarse hair, it is important to consider not only the structure of the hair, but also the type of face and shape. In order for your image to be harmonious, it is worth remembering your individual style both in clothes and in life.

How to choose a haircut for coarse hair
How to choose a haircut for coarse hair


Step 1

A haircut cannot exist separately from your whole image. Therefore, choose it based on your face type, body shape and general style of clothing that you prefer.

Step 2

An oval is considered the ideal face shape. Therefore, in the case of a round, square or triangular type of face, a haircut is designed to correct its shape.

Step 3

Keep in mind that short haircuts "like a boy" are suitable for petite and fragile girls. But on tall women, they do not look very good: the head seems disproportionately small. Also, such haircuts are not recommended for women and girls who have a "male" body type.

Step 4

Pay attention to the fact that tall women are suitable for smooth hairstyles just below the jawline, as well as "soft waves" to the shoulders. Owners of curvaceous forms should not wear straight long haircuts: they focus on the body. Long wavy hair will balance the proportions and help create a harmonious look.

Step 5

Coarse hair is naturally thick and thick. If the haircut is chosen correctly, then they ideally emphasize the spectacular appearance of their owner, adding charm and charm to her. But such hair is difficult to fit, under its own weight "sag" and does not keep the shape of the hairstyle. Therefore, choose haircuts that do not require careful and long styling. It is better to refuse short haircuts "square", "bob", tk. in this case, the hair will not obediently maintain the required shape. If the type of face and shape allows, opt for a medium-length haircut, without bangs.

Step 6

On coarse hair, a cascading haircut with long bangs looks good. If desired, such a haircut can even be styled in different ways. For example, bangs can either be rolled up, or left straight and combed to one side. To style the rest of your hair with a medium-sized curler. Start curling your hair in small strands from the middle of your forehead towards the back of your head, going to the sides of your head. When your curls are ready, apply a lather or styling wax to them, and beat with your hands to shape the hair to the desired shape. Comb the bangs to one side.

Step 7

Pay attention to layered haircuts, which are very popular lately. They work well for coarse hair. The master forms layers freely, almost randomly, giving the desired volume and gently adjusting the oval of the face. The bangs of this hairstyle are usually straight and long enough. The haircut does not require special styling and looks impressive.