How To Grow Bangs

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How To Grow Bangs
How To Grow Bangs

Video: How To Grow Bangs

Video: How To Grow Bangs
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If girls who wear bangs decide to grow it, they run into trouble: the long bangs start to get in the way and have to constantly fight the urge to cut it off again.

How to grow bangs
How to grow bangs

It is necessary

  • - hair bands,
  • - hairpins,
  • - headbands,
  • - headbands for hair,
  • - styling products.


Step 1

To keep your bangs out of the way, you can wear a hair band or headband. You can choose from several hair accessories in all kinds of colors and styles to match your different outfits. They will not only help you grow your bangs, but they will also decorate your hairstyle.

Step 2

If you wear long hair in a parted part, then the easiest option for you is to simply divide the bangs into two sides and secure with hairpins. You can use decorative ones, or, on the contrary, invisible ones, depending on the case. When the bangs grow back a little, you can stop pinning it and make a "Ladder" haircut to improve the appearance of the hairstyle. In this case, the regrown bangs will no longer be conspicuous, but will simply frame the face beautifully.

Step 3

Weaving braids is also a good way to remove growing bangs. You only need to braid a French braid or a spikelet, because their weaving starts from the very top of the head, which allows you to weave a bang. In addition, it should be tight so that your bangs do not get out of your hair. It is also best to secure the braid with invisible pins or hairpins.

Step 4

In the event that you like to make a high ponytail or bun, then hairspray or hair gel will help you to remove the bangs. Just braid your usual hairstyle along with the growing bangs. Then secure it with whatever styling products you like best.

Step 5

Curls or curls are a great option to hide growing bangs. Twist it together with long strands, and the bangs will be lost in the total mass of hair. On curled hair, any flaws in the haircut are much less noticeable.

Step 6

In addition, you can make a side parting and comb the bangs to one side. The slanting bangs stay out of the eye no matter how long they are. This option is a good way to grow bangs if you like the parting and go.