Simple Do-it-yourself Hairstyle For Medium Hair

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Simple Do-it-yourself Hairstyle For Medium Hair
Simple Do-it-yourself Hairstyle For Medium Hair

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It is easy to make simple and quick hairstyles from medium length hair. Use various weaving techniques, waves and curls, knots, plaits. Remember that high hair, volume and splendor are in fashion.

Braid for medium hair
Braid for medium hair

Simple hairstyles for medium hair

If you have curly hair, use a hair dryer with a diffuser to create a voluminous hair style on your head. First, wash your hair and dry it lightly with a towel. Then separate a section of hair and place it in the β€œfingers” of the hair dryer. Dry the strand for no more than 30 seconds. After that, move on to the next strand. Thus, dry all your hair. After that, beat them a little with your hands. Outwardly, this hairstyle resembles a perm. In order to keep the styling well throughout the day, apply a lather to your hair before creating it.

If you don't want to leave your hair loose, use a ponytail. Gather hair from the sides, temples and fix it with an elastic band. Let loose hair fall down like a waterfall. In general, the hairstyle will look very romantic. And the back strands will not go into your face.

Create a hairstyle with a headband. To do this, brush all your hair back. Then select three strands from one side and begin to weave the braid to the other side. The braid should be close to the forehead. While weaving, make new strands from the sides, connecting them to the old strands. Firmly fix the end of the weaving with an invisible one. Thus, on the head you will get a rim from a braid, and the rest of the hair will fall down to the shoulders.

Another fun braided hairstyle: Part your hair in a straight part and braid two braids. They should start from the back of the head and go down. At the level of the neck, weave the braids into one, and put on a beautiful hairpin at the place of their connection.

Brushed Hairstyles

Various hairstyles can be done on the basis of the fleece. It can be done even if the hair only reaches the shoulders. You may need a special hair roller to create the fleece. Place it on top of your head and cover it with hair. If you don't have a roller, do your hair without it. First, brush the front hair over your forehead. Then select a wide strand at the back of your head and twist it into a plait. Lay the tourniquet in a circle so that you get a bump. Fix it with invisible ones. Bring back the combed hair. They will close the cone.

If the fleece is very small, comb the hair at the roots. Then the hairstyle will become more voluminous. When you cover the bump with hair, gather them together and secure with invisible ones. This part of the hair should not fall apart. In addition to invisibility, you can wear a beautiful hairpin.

A brushed hairstyle will turn out to be very beautiful if you first wind your hair with curlers. The waves will gracefully fall down the back. Alternatively, if you have a lot of hair left, you can braid it.

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