Male Beauty Standards

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Male Beauty Standards
Male Beauty Standards

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The standards for male and female beauty are very different from each other. A woman who wants to become a model must have 90/60/90 forms and be tall. A man, on the other hand, needs to have a height of 183 cm and a thin physique.

Male beauty standards
Male beauty standards

The history of the emergence of standards for male and female beauty

Today, society is structured in such a way that both men and women have certain beauty standards. However, not everyone knows where this relationship to the opposite sex comes from. It turns out that the origins of the ideal parameters of the human body come from the Ancient Greek culture and the culture of Ancient Rome. Even in those days, the standards for the beauty of the male body were determined. It is enough just once to look at the sculpture of Apollo, and everything immediately becomes clear. Men with a majestic figure, prominent muscles, broad shoulders and a narrow pelvis were especially popular at that time.

In those days, even a special formula was developed, which, depending on the height of the man, determined the exact parameters that the body had to correspond to.

However, for different, not similar cultures, the parameters of a beautiful male body were different. For example, in China it was appreciated when a man had a small bulging tummy. And in New Zealand, women preferred men with a flat, pressed nose.

Male beauty in modern times

At present, it is difficult to unequivocally define clear standards for male beauty. Of course, many concepts of the beauty of the male body migrated from the ancient world. And today women, as a rule, like men who are slender, with developed muscles, a masculine face and with its symmetrical features. But the modern world has become so multifaceted and unpredictable that people in it live independent, both in themselves and in their tastes and preferences.

Some women like handsome, muscular men, some prefer skinny and tall men, and some women like short fat men.

It should be noted that in many ways male beauty depends on the mind, thoughts, character and attitude towards a woman. Any man with a nondescript and unremarkable appearance can conquer a woman with his sense of humor, intelligence and character. And a woman will consider him the most beautiful and unique, for her it is he who will be the standard of male beauty.

Today it is impossible to set clear boundaries for the standards of male body beauty. This concept is rather ambiguous. As well as in ancient times, different cultures have their own standards, which will depend on the very history of culture, modern culture and the mentality of society. If you pay attention to any male model, the parameters of his beauty are high growth and a relief torso.

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