The Difference Between A Trimmer And A Razor

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The Difference Between A Trimmer And A Razor
The Difference Between A Trimmer And A Razor

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We live in a time when technology does not stand still. New equipment is constantly being manufactured. For example, if before the hairdresser had to work only with scissors, now he can do his hair with a trimmer or a typewriter. If you want to buy such a device for home use, then it is important to understand the difference between a trimmer and a razor.

The difference between a razor and a trimmer
The difference between a razor and a trimmer

What is a trimmer and clipper

A trimmer is a device that allows you to remove hair from any part of the body. It can be used to create, for example, intimate hairstyles. Additional attachments allow you to use the trimmer even as an electric shaver. If we talk about the price, then it is much more expensive than a conventional typewriter due to its compactness.

A hair clipper is a small size household appliance designed to get rid of hair on the head and give it the desired shape. Today, there are models that can easily cope with trimming beards and mustaches. The machine can work directly from the mains or using batteries. Designed for home use.

The difference between a razor and a trimmer

The main difference between these two devices from each other is their size and price. The trimmer is more compact, shallow. It's good to take it with you on a trip, trip or just carry it in your bag. An irreplaceable thing during a hike.

The clipper is much larger in size, about twice. But there are also small types of it, which are more expedient to be attributed to trimmers. This device is more functional and powerful, it usually has a large number of attachments for cutting hair of any length. It emits much more noise due to its size and power.

If we compare the battery consumption of a machine and a trimmer, then the latter consumes very little energy, which means it lasts for a longer time. In any case, you need to take care of both devices. Clean the attachments in water after each use, lubricate the blades with oil, etc.

Trimmer application

The trimmer should not cut too long and coarse hair. In modern hairdressing salons, they often do the main work with a typewriter and then do the modeling with a small apparatus.

The small trimmer allows you to remove hair in the most difficult to reach places, for example, in the nose, ears, intimate areas, armpits. All unusual hairstyles and designs are done exclusively by him. This device combines the functions of a razor and a typewriter.

There are trimmers of different types and for use in different conditions. Wired and wireless, with USB charging, various attachments. There are models that can be completely washed in water. Some have a built-in backlight - this allows you to cut hair in poor or no light. Most trimmers also have a depilatory function.

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