How To Make Light Curls

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How To Make Light Curls
How To Make Light Curls

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Light waves on the hair immediately give out a feminine and romantic nature. This is probably why wavy hair has always been an object of desire for women. In order to make naturally straight hair curly, many devices have been invented. Curlers, curling iron, iron, hair dryer and even a perm in just a few minutes can create alluring curls on your hair. At the same time, according to most stylists, light waves on the hair go to almost all women.

How to make light curls
How to make light curls

It is necessary

In order to create curls on your head, you will need mousse, a special spray that creates volume at the roots, curlers, hairspray, and a hairdryer


Step 1

Be sure to wash your hair before styling. In order for your hair to be manageable after shampoo, be sure to apply conditioner to your head. Dry your hair slightly with a towel. Now you can proceed with the installation itself.

Step 2

Apply some of the volumizing product to your hair. It can be mousse, foam or special cream. But in order to lift the curls at the roots, it is better to take a special spray, which will not only allow you to model your hairstyle, but will also reliably fix it all day long.

Step 3

After the hair dries a little, roll it on large curlers. You can also use boomerang curlers. Then blow dry your hair with a hair dryer.

Step 4

Remove the curlers carefully, if necessary, then wait a couple of minutes until they cool down.

In order for the styling to last longer, fix it with hairspray. However, don't do it too hard, otherwise your hair will look unnatural.

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