How To Use A Curling Iron

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How To Use A Curling Iron
How To Use A Curling Iron

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A hair tong, or curling iron, is a versatile and very easy-to-use device that makes it possible to create a wide variety of hairstyles. Light waves, steep curls and a whole cascade of curls - all this can be easily done at home without resorting to the services of professional stylists.

How to use a curling iron
How to use a curling iron

It is necessary

  • - curling iron;
  • - styling mousse;
  • - hair spray;
  • - a comb with sparse teeth.


Step 1

Wash and dry your hair thoroughly. For a long-lasting hairstyle, style only completely dry strands. Apply mousse to secure the curls. Thin hair will need a light hold foam, heavy and thick hair will need a stronger product. Squeeze an orange-sized portion of the mousse into the palm of your hand and spread it through your hair with a comb.

Step 2

Secure the bulk of the hair with clips and separate a narrow section from it. The thinner it is, the steeper the curl will be. It is better to start from the back of the head - so the hair will not get tangled. In the last turn, side curls and bangs are formed.

Step 3

Preheat the tongs. Comb the strand again, lightly sprinkle it with varnish and carefully roll it onto the curling iron, starting from the end. Roll the entire strand up to the roots of your hair or only part of it - it depends on the hairstyle idea. Hold the tongs for about 15 seconds, then carefully release the curl, being careful not to crush the curl.

Step 4

Break off another strand and process it in the same way. Curl all your hair gradually. Do not brush them until they are completely cool. Spray the curls with hairspray and beat with your fingers - you get the effect of a thoughtful mess on the head. If you want curly, voluminous curls, tilt your head down and lightly brush through your hair with a comb. Fold them back, smooth them a little on top, without compressing the volume of the hairstyle and secure it with varnish.

Step 5

Looking for cool curly curls? They are curled with a spiral curling iron. Apply a strong lather to the hair, carefully spreading it out with a comb. Separate a thin strand and gently wind it around the spiral of the tongs, trying to keep it as even as possible to avoid creases. Process hair for about 20 seconds. Release the curl by holding it with your hands to maintain its shape and fix the curls with varnish.

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