How To Style Your Hair In Waves

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How To Style Your Hair In Waves
How To Style Your Hair In Waves

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For a long time, curls and curls adorn women's hair, and today curls are as relevant a hairstyle as they were many years ago. There are many ways to style beautiful curls - with a perm, temporary styling, hair dryer, mousse or gel, round brush, curlers, curling irons, and much more. You can use all these methods, depending on what kind of result you want to get, and how long it should be.

How to style your hair in waves
How to style your hair in waves


Step 1

To style your hair in beautiful waves, apply a fixing foam to damp, washed hair, and then wind narrow strands on curlers, gradually taking all the hair into the style. Dry your hair with a powerful hairdryer, or wait until it dries completely naturally, at room temperature.

Step 2

When your hair is dry, remove the curlers and comb your hair with a wide-toothed comb. Sprinkle some hairspray on your hair to shape it.

Step 3

In addition, a popular way of curling at home is a curling iron with different attachments. There are curling tongs with flat plates that allow you to both straighten and curl your hair, and there are curling tongs with embossed plates - in this case, you can give your hair a slight zigzag structure.

Step 4

It is convenient to use a curling iron made of high-quality heat-resistant materials for curling your hair. Curl well-washed and dried hair. Apply a heat protectant balm or mousse to them. Wind the hair around the tongs, grabbing small strands, and hold each strand in the tong for no more than 10 seconds.

Step 5

Do not comb hot hair - wait for the strands to cool. After it has cooled completely, comb your hair with a wide-toothed comb, and do not use this method too often to avoid damaging your hair.

Step 6

You can also create neat curls quickly and easily by winding wet hair with a round brush and blow-drying the strands. Treat hair with styling product and shape with your hands.

Step 7

It is undesirable to comb the finished styling - this may disrupt its shape. If you need to fix your hair, do it with your hands so as not to injure the created curls.

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