Curly Hair Care Secrets

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Curly Hair Care Secrets
Curly Hair Care Secrets

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Owners of naturally curly or permed hair often have to face many difficulties: curls easily get tangled and become naughty, after treatment with a hairdryer they seem dull, brittle and split. Special care products and certain skills in the technique of drying and styling curly hair will help to cope with these problems.

Curly hair: care recommendations
Curly hair: care recommendations

How to wash curly hair

Curly hair tends to be too dry, resulting in split ends, loss of shine and elasticity. To avoid this, it is necessary to be especially careful with the choice of cosmetics: shampoos should be soft, without sulfates - this measure will cleanse the hair from impurities without completely washing off the completely natural oil produced by the sebaceous glands of the scalp.

How to use the air conditioner

Using conditioners with moisturizers after every shampoo is a must for healthy wavy hair. A portion of the product is rubbed in the palms and gently applied to the outer layer of the curls, after which the strands are carefully combed from the inside with your fingers, like a comb. Curls should be separated from each other to avoid tangling and damaging the structure. After washing off the conditioner, rinse hair with warm water and a few drops of lavender oil.

How to dry your hair

It is best to dry curly hair naturally, without using a hair dryer: for this it is recommended to lean forward, put wet strands on a towel and gently press them several times to your head, getting rid of excess moisture. In no case should you rub and twist your hair! Further, moving from the back of the head, gently squeeze the curls with a towel, trying not to disturb the shape of the curls.

In order for the dried curls to form natural, beautiful waves, it is necessary to apply a small amount of a suitable styling agent to them and, while the curls are still wet, use your fingers to give the curls the desired shape and position. After that, it is easy, without pressing, to apply a little more gel, wax or mousse on the outside of the hair - this will allow you to fix the styling well and will not allow the strands to fluff.

Create root volume

In order for curly hair not to create a "flat crown" effect, to look lush and voluminous in the parietal region, it is necessary to grab wet strands with your fingers, starting from the forehead, raise them at a right angle to the head and fix in this position with hairdressing clips or invisible hairpins.

If curly hair has lost its shine and looks dull and lifeless, then rinsing with cool water with the addition of a small amount of lemon juice or table vinegar can help. A mask from a raw chicken egg also revives dull curly hair well. It is important to remember that it is necessary to wash off such a mask with lukewarm water, otherwise the protein will curl on the hair under the influence of high temperature.

Features of caring for thin curly hair

Thick, creamy conditioners and styling products that weigh strands and change the shape of curls are not suitable for caring for fine curly hair. This type of hair works best with silicone-free lotions and mild sprays.

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