How To Give A Guy A Wet Look

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How To Give A Guy A Wet Look
How To Give A Guy A Wet Look

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Wet look hairstyles are incredibly popular with guys today. They are great for short hair and create a very stylish and fashionable look that the fair sex can appreciate.

How to give a guy a wet look
How to give a guy a wet look

Formation of a wet effect

For a stylish wet look, wash and comb your hair, then apply a wet gel or mousse. In this case, the hair must be damp. When applying styling, pay special attention to the ends of the hair and try not to overdo it with the amount of the product used, so as not to weigh down the hairstyle. Shape the strands with your fingers and then let the hair dry on its own.

You can speed up the drying process with a hair dryer, alternately combing the strands with your fingers upward under a stream of hot air.

To create a wet look on short hair, stylists recommend using the appropriate hair gels, and similar sprays are ideal for long curls. It is impossible to make a "wet" hairstyle without special cosmetics, so you should choose the right professional styling.

Good Wet Effect

The most popular means for shaping men's hairstyles is considered to be weak to medium hold hair gels, since strong hold will not provide the desired effect and will make the hair unnatural. For high-quality fixation of the ends, wax is most often used, which correctly fixes them and gives the guy's hairstyle a finished look. To make it look even more voluminous, you can highlight individual strands in the salon.

For a man's wet look, it is best to choose a gel with added styling wax.

Among the well-proven means for "wet" hairstyles, you should pay attention to the products of such well-known manufacturers as L'Oréal, Londa and Schwarzkopf. Those with fine hair of medium length can safely opt for sprays and varnishes from L'Oréal, Schwarzkopf, Moltobene and Wella. Excellent curly mousses are available from Vitarus, Syoss and Wella.

If you want to style individual strands in your styling style, purchase a styling product like textureizers. These products are quite expensive, however, when using them, the hair does not need to be dried with a hairdryer, limiting itself to styling with your fingers. The highest quality textureizers are considered to be produced by such professional cosmetics manufacturers - MatrixAmplify, KEUNE and GOLDWELL.

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