How To Style Men's Hair

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How To Style Men's Hair
How To Style Men's Hair

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Men's styling is an important and often neglected aspect of a man's look. Nevertheless, every man should be able to style his hair correctly, since with the help of styling you can radically change your image, creating hairstyles suitable for business meetings, a work atmosphere, a friendly holiday or a club party. Styling your hair is not that difficult, especially in the case of a short men's haircut.

How to style men's hair
How to style men's hair


Step 1

Today, styling that imitates naturally and freely lying hair is considered the most fashionable. Medium length hair is very easy to style in order to create a slight casual effect - this effect looks very stylish.

Step 2

Also, do not lose the relevance of styling, the hair in which is smoothly combed back. Use a comb and styling gel to create this look. Apply a couple of drops of gel with palms to the hair along the entire length, smoothing it from the forehead to the back of the head.

Step 3

A casual hairstyle looks more relaxed, to create which you need to take a small amount of wax, apply it to your hair and comb it back, while trying to maintain volume. This hairstyle is perfect for both weekends and workdays.

Step 4

You can also do a simple side parting on the left or right side. Part your hair so that the right and left sections are asymmetrical, and then smooth both sections of the hair from top to bottom, applying a small amount of wax to the palm of your hand. Spray your hair with a shiny styling spray.

Step 5

When styling your hair, you don't have to comb it back - you can also comb it forward to cover your forehead and eyebrows. Wash your hair and comb your hair towards your forehead, and then, if desired, make your bangs a little torn, treating individual strands with gel. This hairstyle will make you look younger and accentuate your style.

Step 6

If you need a sophisticated aristocratic hairstyle, you can style your hair with small curls, which are found not only in women, but also in men. Part your hair with a side parting, and then twist a few strands if desired with hot tongs. Fix curls with varnish or gel.

Step 7

One of the most fashionable hairstyles today is a hairstyle that imitates an artistic mess on the head. Wash your hair, blow-dry your hair and beat it in any direction, combing the strands in different directions. You can direct your hair to the side or forward or even up, and fix the result with a gel.

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