What Is A Model Haircut

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What Is A Model Haircut
What Is A Model Haircut

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Model haircuts are a smart compromise between classic and creative hairstyles. They are designed to emphasize the individual style and form the perfect face contour. A skilled hairdresser, with the help of a correctly selected haircut model, changes the client's image, makes him younger or more respectable, hides the flaws in his appearance.

Examples of model haircuts can be found in the stars
Examples of model haircuts can be found in the stars

Male haircuts

Men rarely experiment with their appearance, preferring classic haircuts and styling on short hair. The reason is simple: such a hairstyle is easy to care for, does not require special styling products, does not stand out in the crowd, and is encouraged by conservative management. Therefore, most of the men wear a "hedgehog" or "half box".

However, trends are changing, and young people are increasingly visiting a stylist to get an up-to-date haircut or styling. Dyeing is used infrequently, along with weaving dreadlocks and afro-braids. Most often, young men grow bangs and practice different ways of styling it, combing it to the side or fixing it with retro-style varnish.

For representatives of creative professions - designers, photographers, writers, musicians - long hair tied in a ponytail is popular. Such a haircut requires regular grooming, taking care of the health and cleanliness of the hair.

Variety of female model haircuts

It is much easier for girls and women who want to find their ideal image to choose a hairstyle than men who are generally more conservative and constrained by stereotypes. Women's haircuts are also classified into short, medium and long. They can suggest the presence of straight or asymmetrical bangs, as well as its absence - in this case, the hair is combed up or distributed to the sides. Various tricks are not ignored: hair bronding, straightening, curling, haircut with hot scissors, lamination, extension.

Hairstyles for long hair, as a rule, involve a parted part with or without bangs. These haircuts are optimal for owners of thick, healthy hair. Nevertheless, they require a lot of attention to maintain such beauty: washing with special means, masks, regular straightening, removal of split ends, the complexity of styling - it is not always possible to wear loose hair.

Average length is optimal at any age, especially if there is no time for increased care of hair health. The stylist will help you choose a style that will hide the imperfections of the face shape, bringing it closer to the ideal. To create the effect of volume, a three-stage coloring is applied with dyes close to the natural color of your hair.

The most practical and popular among young people are short haircuts. They open up real freedom of self-expression: side partings, asymmetrical strands, extreme styling of bangs, shockingly bright coloring are acceptable here. Popular tousled styling for every day, milled ends, the effect of wet hair.

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