How To Cut Your Own Hair In

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How To Cut Your Own Hair In
How To Cut Your Own Hair In

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While modern girls don't complain about the lack of good hairdressers and stylists, you may need your own haircutting skills from time to time. A person does not always have time to visit a hairdresser, and sometimes a haircut is needed so simple that it makes no sense to go to the salon for this. We will tell you how to properly cut your own hair in this article.

How to cut your own hair
How to cut your own hair


Step 1

First and foremost, you need a good hairdressing scissors - whether you want to trim your bangs or trim the bottom of your hair. It is also advisable to have thinning scissors that help to beautifully process the edges of the haircut.

Step 2

To trim your bangs, comb them in the correct position - the way you usually wear them - and secure all other hairs with a clip so that they do not interfere with your haircut.

Step 3

Select a small section of bangs no more than 4 cm wide and comb it, after sprinkling with water from a spray bottle. Pinch a strand between the middle and forefinger of your left hand and pull slightly.

Step 4

Gently cut the ends of the strand, holding the scissors in your right hand, focusing on the line of the fingers.

Step 5

Do not forget that dry hair is 1 cm shorter than wet. Based on this, calculate the length of the bangs.

Step 6

Based on the length of the section you cut, start trimming the remaining bangs. Pinch the strands between your fingers along with the already trimmed strand, cutting them at the same level. If the bangs are thick, then you first need to trim the bottom layer by pinning the top layer at the crown, and then loosen the top layer of the bangs and cut it in the same way as the bottom one.

Step 7

After all the bangs are trimmed, use thinning scissors to correct the cut line, making it beautiful and neat.

Step 8

Regularly trimming the ends of your hair will help you get rid of split ends and keep your hair healthy and growing. Comb your hair in two, parting evenly from the back of the head to the forehead. Comb a separate strand, pinch the tip between your fingers, as in the previous case, and cut off the excess.

Step 9

Similarly, continue cutting off the ends of all other strands. Finally, adjust the length of the hair - all strands should be trimmed to the same level. To control the length, carefully comb through your damp hair and pull it on either side of the parting.

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