How To Hide A Large Forehead

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How To Hide A Large Forehead
How To Hide A Large Forehead

Video: How To Hide A Large Forehead

Video: How To Hide A Large Forehead
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A large high forehead is more a decoration than a flaw. But some girls believe that it is better to hide this dignity. Various bangs work best with this problem. Examine your face carefully to determine its shape and choose the right hairstyle.

How to hide a large forehead
How to hide a large forehead

It is necessary

  • - haircut in a hairdresser;
  • - makeup.


Step 1

Balance parts of your face by lowering the height of your forehead if you think it is too big. A large forehead visually makes the face look longer. Choose a trendy hairstyle with medium to long hair. Eliminate shapeless, straight haircuts with sharp edges, which can only aggravate the situation.

Step 2

Pay attention to feminine soft waves, cascading hairstyles and a variety of bangs. Don't look for short haircuts that will reveal your entire face. And a very bad option would be long straight hair with a parted part. Volume at medium length will cope with the task of masking a large forehead, and for greater effect, you can style your hair on one side.

Step 3

Do bangs, they will perfectly minimize your forehead. But in any case, take into account the shape of the face in order to choose the most successful haircut model. Classic bangs, laid on one side, will correct and harmonize your appearance. Take care of your hair and style it every day to keep it fresh and neat.

Step 4

Choose bangs more carefully if you have curly hair. Try to straighten this piece of hair with an iron, and leave the rest of the hair curly. Lay your bangs and fix it in this position with high-quality varnish.

Step 5

Blend the bangs smoothly and gradually into the layers of hair on the sides of your face. This will suit a girl with straight long hair. Of course, you will have to arrange such a haircut in a hairdresser and periodically refresh it.

Step 6

Give more curl to the brows by plucking gently at the bottom. Thus, you will make your eyes more open, and the eyebrows, which become higher, visually shorten the length of the forehead. Make eye makeup more expressive to divert attention from the size of the forehead and balance the size of these parts of your face. Foundation for high foreheads should be slightly darker than the base.