How To Style Your Hair With A Perm

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How To Style Your Hair With A Perm
How To Style Your Hair With A Perm

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Many women often change their image. Owners of straight and healthy hair can afford to be curly, bushy beauties for a while. A common procedure for creating curls for a long time is a perm. Having made it, many are wondering about further hair styling. Styling curly hair is pretty straightforward.

How to style your hair with a perm
How to style your hair with a perm


Step 1

Perm your hair naturally without the use of a hairdryer or styling products. To do this, as your hair dries, lower your head down and beat the roots with your fingers. At the same time, the volume of the hair will increase, the styling will be lush and natural.

Step 2

Use a special styling product for curly hair to make curls look more defined and expressive. Fixing sprays, mousses, gels and foams separate curls and make curly hairstyles complete and gorgeous. Apply the curl fixer to carefully combed hair. A hairbrush with a perm should be with sparse teeth so as not to injure damaged curls. Form curls with squeezing finger movements. When done, do not brush your hair in order to maintain the effect of crisp single curls.

Step 3

Use a hair dryer to style your curls quickly. You can dry out your curls with the fingertip attachment, which lifts the hair at the roots. This styling provides a strong volume and a riot of curls on the head.

Step 4

Another option for creating styling with a hair dryer: wind strand by strand on a round comb and pull, directing a stream of hot air onto the hair. This styling results in large, elegant waves. Such a hairstyle from the category of evening.

Step 5

To make curls appear less fluffy and soft, roll your hair in medium-sized curlers and dry your hair with a hairdryer. Remove the curlers, shape the hair with your fingers and spray your hair with hairspray. This styling will make your look romantic and delicate.

Step 6

Modeling curls with wax if the hair is severely damaged after chemistry. The wax separates the curls more clearly and strengthens the styling. It also adds shine to the hair.

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