How To Apply Mousse To Hair

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How To Apply Mousse To Hair
How To Apply Mousse To Hair

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Styling mousse makes hair more pliable and manageable when styling, gives the strands a healthy shine and elasticity, and the hair - volume. With the right foam, you can create cool curls or create an “artistic mess” on your head. It all depends on how you will apply this versatile product and what degree of fixation you choose.

How to apply mousse to hair
How to apply mousse to hair


Step 1

Wash your hair and dry your hair thoroughly with a towel to remove excess moisture. Choose the right product. For thin hair, a low to moderate hold foam is needed to provide light volume. To lift heavy and bulky strands, you need a strong hold mousse.

Step 2

Shake the can - this should be done before each use. Squeeze the mousse into the palm of your hand. The portion of the product depends on the length of the hair. For an ultra-short haircut, a ball the size of a quail's egg is enough; for long hair, you need a portion the size of a tennis ball. If in doubt, reduce the amount of the product - if necessary, you can always add it, and an overabundance of mousse will make your hair too heavy and deprive it of shine.

Step 3

Apply the lather to the roots of the hair, rub in thoroughly and spread over the entire length. For added convenience, use a wide-toothed comb. Dry the strands with a hair dryer or hair dryer, lifting them up to create volume. This styling gives the hair a splendor and looks very natural. It can be done before going out or the day before, before bed.

Step 4

If you want bouncy curls, do it differently. Carefully comb your slightly damp hair, apply the mousse to it, distributing it along the entire length. Divide your hair into strands and wind it with curlers. Dry the curls until they dry completely, remove the curlers and spray with a weak hold varnish on the hair. After that, beat the strands with your fingers without using a comb to prevent the curls from developing.

Step 5

The effect of a thoughtful mess on the head can be created when styling dry hair. This is the fastest way and does not require further drying with a hair dryer. If the strands are too frizzy, lightly spray them with a static-dissipating spray. Squeeze an orange-sized ball of mousse into your palm and rub it vigorously into your hair, lifting it up and holding it in place with your fingers. Wavy strands will settle in the form of careless curls. Fix the hairstyle with nail polish.

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