Loose Hair Or Hairstyle - What To Choose?

Loose Hair Or Hairstyle - What To Choose?
Loose Hair Or Hairstyle - What To Choose?

Video: Loose Hair Or Hairstyle - What To Choose?

Video: Loose Hair Or Hairstyle - What To Choose?
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Hairstyles are just as important as their clothes, face and figure in creating a good impression of a person. A well-chosen hairstyle can become the key to success in society, give a more authoritative look and form a positive reputation. But which is better - to loose your hair or to collect it in a ponytail, bun or braid? There are several tips for making the right choice.

Loose hair or hairstyle - what to choose?
Loose hair or hairstyle - what to choose?

Tips for choosing a hairstyle:

1. In case of fatigue and lack of mood, it is advisable to lift your hair up (gather in a bun, pin it with a hairpin) or simply loosen it if your hair is not too long.

2. If you want to focus on new accessories, you need to proceed as follows:

  • attention to earrings - a high hairstyle will do;
  • attention to a brooch, beads or necklace - loose hair that falls smoothly over the shoulders is more suitable.

3. To create a business style, it is best to collect curls in a bun, having previously smoothly combed them. Also a suitable option is a braid of the original weaving or a high tail. The main thing is that the hairstyle does not distract the attention of people, it gives solidity and authority.

4. If the hair is not cut or washed, the best choice is to comb it up in a ponytail or bun. The hairstyle can be decorated with a bright hairpin if necessary.

5. If you have a beautiful neck, the best option is a high hairstyle that will accentuate your gracefulness.

6. For a solemn event or a social reception, hair that falls freely on the shoulders is suitable. At the same time, it is advisable to curl them into curls and decorate the head with a decorative hairpin.

7. If there is a need to slightly hide your true age, then loose hair will definitely make your appearance much younger and sexier.

8. To maintain a casual or sporty style, you can use hairstyles that correspond to the level of carelessness of the clothes (ponytail or bun).

9. After dyeing, highlighting or toning, it is best to loosen your hair. Thus, others will easily appreciate the bright changes in your appearance.

Using the tips above, you can easily choose a hairstyle that would be appropriate in a particular case. But it is worth remembering that the hair should always be in good condition - well-groomed, clean and healthy. Only then can you impress those around you.