How To Make A Trendy Hairstyle

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How To Make A Trendy Hairstyle
How To Make A Trendy Hairstyle

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Girls want to be stylish and spend as little time on it as possible. However, you can create a fashionable hairstyle with your own hands, spending 10-15 minutes on it. With a little practice, you will look as good as if you were in the salon.

How to make a trendy hairstyle
How to make a trendy hairstyle

It is necessary

  • - hairdryer;
  • - straightening iron;
  • - rubber bands;
  • - hairpins;
  • - mousse;
  • - fixing agent.


Step 1

Owners of short haircuts can create an artistic mess on their heads. To do this, dry your wet hair with a hairdryer, without using a comb, but simply fingering the strands with your hands. Secure the result with varnish. To make the look even brighter, you can add some fake strands in vibrant colors.

Step 2

Naturalness is always in fashion. And such a natural hairstyle can be created in ten minutes. Dry your hair the way you like it and secure the result with a light mousse. Take a few strands and highlight them with a strong hold gel. However, they can be slightly curled.

Step 3

The ponytail has gone from diligent schoolgirls to a glamor trend. In order to build a similar ponytail on your head, add volume at the top of your head with a round massage brush, and then tighten the hair at the back of your head with a tight elastic band. If you wear bangs, it is advisable to straighten it or comb it to the side. If you want to give your hairstyle even more volume, then use your fingers to pull the hair a little at the top of the head. You can leave a few strands loose. Fix the resulting hairstyle with a spray or nail polish with fixation.

Step 4

In order to make a trendy bun, you will additionally need hairpins. First, build a ponytail on your head, intercepting the hair at the base with an elastic band, and then wrap the tail in a spiral and secure it with hairpins. For reliability, you can strengthen your hairstyle with fixing varnish.

Step 5

Lush hair on the back of the head, but sleek in the front is another fashion trend this season. Straighten your bangs. Apply a small amount of mousse to damp hair at the crown of the head and blow dry for extra volume. After that, comb the hair back with a soft brush and secure it with hairpins just below the crown. Secure the remaining hair so that it covers the hairpins. Fluff up the hair with your fingers and use the nail polish.

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