How To Make A Beautiful Ballerina Bun

How To Make A Beautiful Ballerina Bun
How To Make A Beautiful Ballerina Bun

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The ballerina bun is a simple yet sophisticated hairstyle. It suits any woman, regardless of age, face type and complexion. You can get this hairstyle done pretty quickly. This hairstyle is best done with long or medium hair. If you have a short haircut, you will need to use overhead strands.

How to make a beautiful ballerina bun
How to make a beautiful ballerina bun

The ballerina's bun can be on the back of the head or on the top of the head. The first option is considered classic. As for the second, gymnasts prefer it more often than dancers. For either option, you will need 2 hair ties (thin and thick), a few hairpins, a comb, hairspray, a net or other decorative items. This hairstyle is considered strict, so there should not be any elements of mischief. For example, such a bundle should not be tied on the side.

For a ballerina or an athlete, a mesh is needed, because it not only decorates the hair, but also holds it together.

To make a ballerina bun at the back of your head, comb your hair well. Sew them back and pull them into a ponytail at the back of the head. It is better to tie it with a pharmacy rubber band. If it is not there, you can take a fairly tight and thin hair tie. Divide the tail into halves. Weave a tourniquet. If the hair is long and thick, it is better to make the tourniquet tight. Sparse soft hair can be combed a little and the tourniquet can be made weak. Lay the tourniquet around the elastic, tuck the tail under the elastic. Secure the bundle with several pins. Spray your hair with nail polish. You can put on a beautiful mesh on top.

As a decoration, you can use a comb, a beautiful hairpin and even a living flower.

For a high bun, pull your hair into a ponytail at the crown of your head. Then proceed in the same way as when performing a beam on the back of the head. Divide the ponytail in half, braid the harness and tuck it around the elastic. Pin the bun with hairpins and decorate your hair. By the way, in both the first and second cases, instead of a plait, you can braid an ordinary braid of three strands. This option is especially good if the hair is long and thick enough.

If you have short hair, you will need a few false locks and invisibility, as well as another pharmacy elastic band. Comb your hair up and pull it into a ponytail at the crown. Attach overhead strands - best in front and back of the tail. With the second pharmacy rubber band, collect them into a bun along with the already existing tail. Divide the bun into 2 or 3 parts, braid or braid. Twist the braid around the elastic, pin it all with hairpins and secure with varnish.

The owner of obedient hair can try to make another interesting version of the ballerina's bun. Comb your hair up, pull it into a bun at the crown. Roll the tail onto large curlers so that the curls are directed away from the bun. Remove the curlers. Do not comb the curls, but pin them with invisibility to the strands lying on the head. You need to pin very close to the elastic. Such a hairstyle is fastened in the same way as all other types of bundles, that is, with varnish.

If you have medium length hair, you can create a large, eye-catching bun on top of your head without any overhead strands. This requires a very thick elastic band. It can be made, for example, from a sock or golf. The thickest elastic comes from fleece or terry golf. Cut off your foot. Twist the boot around the elastic. Sew the layers. Pull the hair at the crown into a bun, first with a pharmacy elastic band, then with a thick one. Divide the ponytail into strands. Straighten each strand and wrap it across the elastic, tucking the tip down. Hairpins and invisible hairpins are not needed in this case, but it is imperative to fasten the hairdo with varnish.

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