What To Do If Baldness Begins

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What To Do If Baldness Begins
What To Do If Baldness Begins

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The ancients believed that baldness is not a vice, but the most real evidence of human wisdom. Therefore, no one was in a complex due to the lack of hair on the head, and everyone around him listened with respect to the opinion of a bald person. Today, such reverence for the bald head is not preserved. And if for someone it is part of the image (for which the hair is even specially shaved off), the loss of vegetation on the head and the appearance of bald patches drives someone into depression.

What to do if baldness begins
What to do if baldness begins

Hair is a natural natural covering of a person. They are designed to warm the skin and protect them from frost. Naturally, over the course of evolution, excessive human hairiness has disappeared, and today a large amount of hair can be seen mainly on the head.

Hair normally grows and is regularly replaced with new ones. And this happens throughout a person's life. Of course, these processes slow down by old age, however, hair still does not stop growing. You should be on your guard if whole clumps of hair fall out per day. Indeed, normally, hair loss per day should be no more than 100 hairs.

If your hair is falling in whole bunches, this does not mean that all is lost. You just need to find out the reason for this. For example, it can be nervous exhaustion, an infectious or chronic disease, etc.

You shouldn't panic and declare yourself bald if your hair begins to literally crumble. As well as underestimating the problem. After all, first of all, you need to establish the problem and understand how serious it is. Sometimes it is enough just to cure a chronic disease to stop temporary baldness.

Types of baldness

According to the intensity of hair loss, the affected area and many other factors, baldness is divided into several different types.

Androgenetic pattern baldness is one of the most common types of hair loss. This is commonly referred to as hair loss in the parietal and frontal areas in men. In women, this type of baldness is characterized by thinning hair in the parting area. This type is transmitted genetically, and therefore the methods of struggle are quite global - laser therapy, hair transplant, etc.

Diffuse type of baldness is a rather strong, but at the same time, uniform hair loss over the entire surface of the head. Stress, metabolic disruptions, infections and poisoning cause such a pathology. It is possible to treat this type of baldness only by eliminating the cause.

The focal type is manifested by small, often rounded, areas of baldness on the head. True, sometimes hair loss stops spontaneously, and the damaged areas are overgrown. Most often, this type of baldness is caused by nervous overload.

Cicatricial baldness is an irreversible damage to the follicles, in the place of which connective tissue is formed. This occurs in response to injuries and burns.

In any case, no matter what type of baldness you have set yourself, you need to see a specialist. It is better if it is a trichologist. However, in the absence of this, you can go to a therapist.

What to do

First of all, if you have a tendency to baldness, you need not to panic or lose heart. Doctors even suggest incorporating healthy indifference. Of course, this does not mean that you need to give up on the problem. You just need to change your attitude towards her, and then the treatment will be more effective.

While you are treating the cause that caused your baldness (and without this there is no way to get rid of it), you can try to hide the defect with the help of various available means. For example, ladies can wrap a headscarf around their heads and come up with new hairstyles. Perfectly helps to comb the remaining hair into problem areas. Naturally, wigs are a great method.

Add a variety of hair growth products to your treatment. So, for example, it can be herbal infusions, pepper pads, etc.Such products are designed to increase blood circulation in the scalp, as a result of which hair growth is stimulated. True, before using such drugs and infusions, you should consult a doctor so as not to harm yourself even more.

It is possible for the same purpose - to stimulate blood circulation - to give yourself a head massage. Remember that the movements must be intense, energetic enough and fast.

Hair transplant is perhaps the only most effective method to combat hair loss. As a rule, hair is taken from the back of the head. In fact, it is a transplant of small pieces of skin with hair follicles, which are implanted into the damaged area of ​​the head.

You can fight baldness and preventative methods. Make masks based on black clay, with the addition of onions, garlic and pepper. Some products stimulate blood circulation, which leads to increased nutrition in the roots, others nourish and moisturize the bulbs.

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