How To Cut Whiskey

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How To Cut Whiskey
How To Cut Whiskey

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Decorating, cutting, hairstyling is a difficult task. It turns out this is not for everyone. Only those who are truly in love with the element of hair, curls, shapes and waves succeed in this creative process. Each master brings his personal vision into the hairdo, creates a mental image.

How to cut whiskey
How to cut whiskey


Step 1

The edging of the temples is a crucial stage that requires accuracy and care. The temples are made straight, oblique, triangular, up to the earlobes, in the middle of the ear. The choice of the length of the temples and their shape sometimes cause difficulties for beginners, moreover, it is necessary to make them symmetrical, of the same size, length and volume.

Step 2

To do a haircut at home, you need to have a simple set of tools: a comb, scissors, razor and clamps. For a versatile feminine short, dampen clean hair. From the forehead to the back of the head in the center of the head, comb off the hair section with a vertical parting. Pin with a clip.

Step 3

Comb down the rest of the temples. The length of the hair of the temporal strands should be the same as that of the parietal. Keep this strand strictly vertical and use scissors to cut the hair, pressing it with the edge of your palm against the skin so that the hair does not slip out of the scissors when cutting.

Step 4

For a classic men's haircut, dampen your hair and divide it into zones. Start at the right temporal zone. With a diagonal parting, select a strand parallel to the edge of the hairline. Scrub it over your face and cut the corner of your temple towards your face. Scratch down and trim the temple. The temple should be straight.

Step 5

With a horizontal parting, select a section of hair at the temple, pull it back at a right angle and cut with a straight cut. Selecting strand by strand with horizontal parting, cut the hair of the temporal zones first from the right and then from the left.

Step 6

To trim the hair below the trim line, pull the client's skin slightly along the path of the razor. Pay close attention to the angle of the razor to avoid damaging the client's skin. The movements of the razor should be light, effortless, straight from top to bottom with an undercut.

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