How To Choose Hair Accessories

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How To Choose Hair Accessories
How To Choose Hair Accessories
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Nothing adorns a woman like lush, shiny, well-groomed hair. To highlight, style well and demonstrate in all its glory this hairstyle, ladies have been using a huge number of different hairpins, elastic bands, headbands, hoops, ribbons, etc. As any element of an outfit, accessories must be able to choose the right one, and many of the fair sex master this art perfectly.

How to choose hair accessories
How to choose hair accessories


Step 1

Any accessory on the head will draw attention to the hair, so you should take care of your hair first. Go to the hairdresser, get a good haircut and styling, and at the same time consult with the hairdresser about the right accessories. Your master can suggest some options for modeling a hairstyle using a hoop, hairpins, ribbons, etc.

Step 2

If you decide to "conjure" over a hairdo at home, then before choosing a decoration, first decide what you want to build on your head - a ponytail, a bun, an original braid or leave your hair loose.

Step 3

If you want to decorate your hair with some attractive accessory, it will not be superfluous to study current fashion trends, but in any case, you should rely on your own taste. Any decoration must be in harmony with your clothing style, and not stand out like a foreign element. The choice of an accessory also depends on age: what young girls can afford often looks ridiculous on experienced ladies who know their own worth. The latter should pay special attention to the material and quality of the product.

Step 4

You should choose accessories depending on your hair color. So, for girls with warm red and chocolate shades, golden accessories are especially suitable. Blondes and fair-haired girls, as well as those who have a luxurious shock of ash hair, will have shiny and silvery shades of hairpins, as well as “cold” colors of ribbons and hoops. Cool shades of hair jewelry will look great on hot brunettes too.

Step 5

The shape of the face is also an important aspect when choosing women's hairstyles. If you have a narrow face, then you probably style your hair in lush strands. Their main part can be assembled using the original hair clip on the top of the head. It would be nice if you use a bandage or tape, moving it lower to the forehead line. Girls with oval faces are especially lucky, because they can use everything with great success - from all kinds of hairpins to hoops. But chubby beauties will have to visually stretch their facial features a little. This will be facilitated by a fleece on the crown and above the forehead line, as well as a wide hoop or ribbon. Elastic bands made of fabric or velvet, as well as crab hairpins look spectacular on long hair of any type.

Step 6

When choosing hairpins or elastic bands, you should also take into account the density of your hair. If they are rare and thin, large pieces will definitely not suit you. Your best bet is clip-on hairpins. But if you are proud of a thick and thick head of hair, then you will have to choose something that can hold your hair: automatic hairpins and wide hoops.

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