How To Draw A Bow On Your Nails

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How To Draw A Bow On Your Nails
How To Draw A Bow On Your Nails

Video: How To Draw A Bow On Your Nails

Video: How To Draw A Bow On Your Nails
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Those who want to decorate their nails on their own should master simple but effective designs. One of the easiest options is a bow. It can be painted with varnish or acrylics and then decorated with glitter, rhinestones or mini stickers.

How to draw a bow on your nails
How to draw a bow on your nails

Bows: what they are

A manicure with cute bows doesn't always look childish. You can try a modest decor with just the tips of your nails. Another option is to draw a large stylized bow over the entire nail, thus decorating two or three fingers. Bows can be complemented with polka dots, flowers, sparkles and other decor options.

To make your manicure look beautiful, use varnishes in contrasting colors. You don't have to match them to your makeup or outfit. Today, bright manicure is in fashion, which will become the most noticeable detail in your image. Stylish black and white nail art looks very beautiful, as well as combinations of dark blue and light blue, red and black, hot pink and white. The length and shape of the nails can also be any. Experiment - interesting manicure ideas can be found in video tutorials or on specialized forums.

Draw stylish bows

Try a simple yet effective black and white option. This is an original version of French manicure, which is suitable not only for a party, but also for everyday life.

Before you start decorating, do a manicure. Align the length of the nails, sand their surface, remove cuticles and burrs. Cover the plates with a protective base and dry them.

Cover your nails with a pastel pink or light cream color. Let the enamel dry. Then attach the French manicure tips to the edge of your nails so that they enclose the free edge line. Paint over it with thick white varnish and carefully peel off the tips. Dry the cover again.

Put black varnish on heavy paper or a plastic palette. Dip a thin brush in it and draw a line along the border of the white edge. Draw a small stylized bow on the side. Attach a small white rhinestone to the middle of each bow. Cover the manicure with a thick layer of top with a drying effect.

For drawing, use dense enamels that do not shine through in a single layer.

If black and white classics seem boring to you, try a brighter version. Use bright turquoise enamel as a base. Such a manicure will be in perfect harmony with light summer outfits.

Paint your nails with turquoise polish in two layers. Dry the coating. Dip the brush into dense black enamel. Start drawing on your thumbnail. In the center of the plate, draw two dashes so that you get an oblique cross. Duplicate the lines to make them brighter. Then join their edges on the sides of the nail with arcs - you have a large bow.

Dip a brush in black varnish and begin to put dots along the contour of the bow, placing them next to each other. With the same points, draw a couple more lines going from the center of the bow to its edges. Decorate the knot by placing many dots in the center in the form of a circle. Another option is to attach a small flower or rhinestone sticker in the center. Thus, it is worth decorating two fingers on each hand. Do not forget about the protective coating with a glitter - it will give the manicure a completeness.