What Are "braids", How They Are Braided

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What Are "braids", How They Are Braided
What Are "braids", How They Are Braided

Many young girls and men want to stand out from the crowd, show their individuality, peculiarity. One of the daring options to make yourself known is to do an unusual hairstyle. Braids are a harmless and practical way to attract the attention of others. If you decide on such an experiment and do not know how to weave this original hairstyle, then there is an easy way to do it yourself.

African braids
African braids

What are braids

Practical braids do not spoil the hair. The only thing is that due to rigid fixation, they can become more brittle.

In translation, the word "braids" means "pigtail, weaving". This hairstyle consists of many thin braids, usually at least 100 braids are woven. There are natural and artificial braids. The first ones are braided without weaving additional materials into them, called Thai braids. This hairstyle lasts about a month. Artificial braids are distinguished by the fact that kanekalon is woven into the braids. They are divided into types according to the way they are woven. There are: African, French, undersides, which are also divided into several types. Braids are not only feminine, but masculine as well. To braid it, it is important to have a hair length of at least 7 cm.

Shortcomings. Hairstyle with strands of kanekalon partly woven into the braids. There are different types of styling: ponies, curly, corrugation. The first is distinguished by free ends of braids, which are slightly curled, such a hairstyle is most often collected in a ponytail. Curly is characterized by lush and spiraling strands of kanekalon, which are woven into the strands at the roots with pigtails. This hairstyle will turn out to be especially voluminous. The corrugation is similar to curly styling, but differs in the use of corrugated kanekalon strands. This method mimics chemistry. The undersides last for about a month and if you want to wear your hairstyle longer, you need to correct it.

African braids are the most common type of braids. They represent a hairstyle of loosely hanging braids, into which artificial strands of kanekalon are woven. Such styling can last for 3 months and does not require adjustment.

French braids are distinguished by pigtails tightly pressed to the head. They can form interesting patterns and weaves. You need to correct this hairstyle once a month.

How to braid braids

It is advisable to braid and unbraid the braids from specialists so as not to harm your hair.

You can braid classic African braids and French ones on your own. The rest of the types of braids are best done by specialists so as not to harm the hair. It's good if you can get help with your friend's hair, because this process is long and can take a whole day. In professional salons, several hairdressers work on braids. You only need to weave on clean hair. For a more comfortable finish, apply a leave-in conditioner to your hair and comb through it thoroughly.

African braids. Divide your hair into many small strands horizontally and vertically. Select one strand for weaving, fasten the rest with a hair clip so as not to interfere. When you finish the braid, secure it as you like.

French braids. Weaving begins at the edge of hair growth, at the forehead, this is the most convenient way. Select a thin section with a comb, divide it into three equal parts. We cross the right strand with the middle one, while the first one remains on top. After that, we apply the left strand over the former right. Your left strand will be in the center, you need to push it under the right strand. Now we add artificial material, kanekalon, to the pigtail. After that, our usual pigtails will turn into braids. To keep the braid close to your head, add very thin strands of hair to the outer braids. First the right side, then the left. Pay attention to the resulting parting, it should be even.Weave in this manner until you reach the back of the head or the end of the hair growth on the head. It all depends on what kind of hairstyle you want to get. After that, a regular free braid is woven.

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