What Does A Size 2 Breast Look Like?

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What Does A Size 2 Breast Look Like?
What Does A Size 2 Breast Look Like?

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Breast size is a parameter of a woman's figure, for the assessment of which there are quite clear criteria. However, it is quite possible to determine, for example, the second size of a woman's bust "by eye".

What does a size 2 breast look like?
What does a size 2 breast look like?


In order to find out the size of a woman's breasts, it is necessary to measure the two main circumferences of her body. The first of them is the circumference under the chest: using a centimeter tape, tightly pressed to the body, you should measure the amount of coverage. This parameter is the first indicator needed to determine the size of the bust.

The second necessary indicator is the circumference of the chest. To determine this parameter, it is necessary to apply a measuring tape to the most prominent points of the chest, which usually fall on the nipples. In this case, you should carefully ensure that during the measurement process the tape along its entire length is parallel to the floor and does not sag, since this can significantly distort the measurement results and create difficulties in the selection of linen.

Having received the necessary data, you can proceed to simple calculations that will show what is the size of a woman's breasts. To do this, it follows from the larger result of the measurement taken, that is, the coverage of the chest at the most prominent points, subtract the smallest result, that is, coverage under the breast. The resulting total, expressed in centimeters, is estimated as follows.

So, if the difference in subtraction was from 10 to 11 centimeters, this corresponds to zero breast size. The first size is for women, in whom the difference between the parameters under consideration is from 12 to 13 centimeters. The difference of 14-15 centimeters is typical for the second bust size, 16-17 centimeters - the third, 18-19 centimeters - the fourth, 20-21 centimeters - the fifth.

Second breast size

Thus, the presence of a second breast size can be stated in a woman who has a difference between the circumference of the bust and the circumference under the breast within 14-15 centimeters. This means that women with a wide variety of body types can have a second bust size - from fragile to athletic and even dense.

At the same time, in order to identify the second bust size, it is not always necessary to make accurate measurements: sometimes it is enough to mentally draw an analogy between the bust of a particular woman and some objects similar in size and shape. For example, experts say that the second breast size resembles the size of a pair of ordinary oranges. You can distinguish it from the first size, taking into account that it is usually compared to a pair of medium-sized apples, while the third size breast looks more like a pair of grapefruits.

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