How To Twist Your Hair With An Iron

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How To Twist Your Hair With An Iron
How To Twist Your Hair With An Iron

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Curling irons are gradually fading into the background. They are being replaced by irons, the range of possibilities of which, provided that this device is of good quality, is quite wide. With an iron, you can both straighten naughty strands, polish your hair, give it shine, and wind curls, make a "wavy" hairstyle in the following way.

How to twist your hair with an iron
How to twist your hair with an iron

It is necessary

Iron, shampoo, hair conditioner, fine-toothed comb, hairpins, hair styling products, hair spray


Step 1

Rinse your hair with a shampoo suitable for your hair type. Apply conditioner to them, rub into the roots, rinse thoroughly from the head. Blow dry your hair with warm air (not hot).

Step 2

On dry hair, apply a heat styling product, paying particular attention to the ends. Warm up the iron well, as its low temperature is used to straighten the hair. You also need to wind the curls with an iron.

Step 3

Secure most of the hair on your head with hairpins so that the strands do not get in the way. Leave the strands of hair loose, which you will wind up first.

Step 4

Comb one strand with a comb with frequent teeth, squeeze with an iron at the very roots and slide it down through the hair, while holding the tip of the strand and winding it around the iron. For a long time in the process of sliding on your hair, do not linger so that broken lines are not created on the curl. Try not to squeeze the iron clamp too much so that its movement along the strand is smooth. The larger you take the curling strand, the larger the “wave” on it will be.

Step 5

You have a curl or wavy strand. Set it aside and continue winding the next strands of hair in the same way. When you have a few bottom curls ready, sprinkle them with hairspray and continue curling the other locks until you wrap the hair all over your head.

Step 6

The hair that is on the face is curled last. The curled strands can be disassembled into smaller curls, but you don't need to comb your hair. Put them in the hair with your hands and cover them with varnish to fix the curls and the hair itself.

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