How To Make Your Feet Skin Beautiful

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How To Make Your Feet Skin Beautiful
How To Make Your Feet Skin Beautiful

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If hands are a woman's calling card, then legs are her support for many years. To make your feet skin beautiful, you also need to have smooth and healthy heels. Therefore, it is worth applying comprehensive care.

How to make your feet skin beautiful
How to make your feet skin beautiful

The silky skin of the feet is made up of several factors. This is, first of all, the absence of hair and cellulite, as well as healthy veins.

Cosmetic procedures

Even at home, it is very easy to make the skin of the legs beautiful. For epilation, you can use cold wax in the form of strips, caramel mixture for sugaring, electric or mechanical epilator, depilatory cream. Finally, you can resort to shaving with a safe razor. You need to carry out the procedures regularly.

In addition, the silky skin of the feet requires the use of various scrubs. At home, you can use regular candied honey or make a mixture of salt, vegetable and essential oils. And cheap, and useful, and effective.

Also, water procedures affect the beauty of the legs. It is recommended to take a contrast shower every day, and to do warm baths with essential oils a couple of times a week.

Down with the orange peel

To make the skin of the legs beautiful, cellulite prevention is required. In the fight against the notorious "orange peel" lotions with theophylline or caffeine effectively help.

You can also eliminate cellulite with the help of cupping and honey massage, exercise and a balanced diet. In addition, it is worth drinking enough fluids, as the "orange peel" is even more visible on dehydrated skin.

Tanning will help mask cellulite. Fortunately, today you can go to the solarium or use a self-tanner all year round.

In advanced cases, cellulite is treated with CelluPulse high-energy pulsed sound waves.

Prevent varicose veins

Even slender, muscular legs look unattractive when thick blue veins and spider veins show through. Solving this problem is much more difficult than preventing it.

To prevent varicose veins, it is worth leading an active lifestyle and reducing the intake of cholesterol foods.

You can disguise an unsightly defect with a special tinting spray. But it is possible to completely get rid of varicose veins only through an operation called venectomy.

Remember feet

Feet beauty also means smooth and healthy heels. It is not enough to regularly do pedicure, you need to carry out cosmetic procedures daily.

Soles care includes warm baths with herbs and sea salt, massage with softening oil, and wearing special exfoliating socks.

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