How To Add Volume To Your Hair

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How To Add Volume To Your Hair
How To Add Volume To Your Hair

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Lush hair is always in trend. But, unfortunately, the volume of hair at the roots is the result of daily manipulations, and not always effective. However, this can also be solved. Unlike the days of total combing, today there are many ways to achieve volume in your hair. The main thing is to find your way in this diversity.

Volume on hair
Volume on hair

Salon volume at home

Volume at the roots is achieved thanks to a properly selected professional haircut. If you have problems with hair volume, first of all, you should visit your master and ask him to make a haircut that is easier to style yourself. Competent thinning works wonders, so do not neglect going to the salon.

Revision of styling products

The styling result largely depends on the quality of the selected styling products. If you use too thick and sticky styling mousse or apply it in excess, then instead of volume, the hairstyle may fall off.

When styling, masters recommend applying no more than one ball of mousse, the size of a small tangerine, to the hair. Everything else is a matter of technology.

In addition, it is important to use a professional hairdryer with at least 1600 watts. The power of the air stream is extremely important for those girls who do styling in a hurry and do not dry the ends of their hair every now and then. In such cases, whatever the volume received during styling, it will not last all day.

To fix the result, be sure to use a varnish. Moreover, its degree of fixation should be selected taking into account the characteristics of the hair. For thin hair, use sprays of weak hold that remain invisible on the hair. The strongest fixation varnish is the lot of the owners of coarse and thick hair.

Hair volume at roots

The root volume of the hair is created with a regular hair dryer and a round comb. It should be remembered that the larger the diameter of the comb, the greater the volume will be.

On clean, damp hair, apply a small amount of mousse fixer along the entire length. Starting from the crown, the hair is pushed in with a round comb and dried in this position under the strong jet of the hair dryer. After that, the hair is also styled on the sides.

A similar effect can be achieved without a round comb, if you use ordinary Velcro curlers. They must be fixed as close to the roots as possible, and then dried. In this case, in addition to volume, you can also achieve aesthetic curls.

Hair volume at roots without a hairdryer

Recently, the corrugated curling iron has become more and more popular. Only not the one that at the beginning of zero schoolgirls made small waves, but a narrow curling iron designed exclusively for the root volume.

It is easy to use and allows you to add root volume to your hair in just a matter of seconds. For this, the hair is divided into an outer layer and an inner one. The strands of the outer layer are taken under the clamp, and the strands of the inner layer are alternately processed with a curling iron. It should be applied, retreating half a centimeter from the roots and kept for no more than 10 seconds.

After such styling, the hair retains its volume for the whole day and does not require additional fixation. However, you should not get carried away with a corrugated curling iron. It has a strong enough effect on the hair, so before using it, it is better to use thermal protection sprays instead of the usual product.

Long-term styling

A good way for those who cannot afford the daily rituals with a hairdryer. This salon procedure allows you to fix the hair in a position of volume at the roots for up to 3 months.

Of course, this does not mean that after shampooing, the hair itself will fit into a perfect head. Long-term styling forms a root base that will have to be adjusted, but this will take half the time.

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