How To Make A Bun For Short Hair

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How To Make A Bun For Short Hair
How To Make A Bun For Short Hair

Video: How To Make A Bun For Short Hair

Video: How To Make A Bun For Short Hair
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A bun is a simple and elegant hairstyle that suits any occasion and any outfit. You can make it not only from long hair. With a little effort, you can also make a bun out of short hair.

How to make a bun for short hair
How to make a bun for short hair

It is necessary

  • - hair mousse;
  • - rubber;
  • - hairbrush;
  • - hairpins;
  • - hair spray;
  • - hair net.


Step 1

Apply volumizing mousse to clean, damp hair and dry.

Step 2

Tie your hair into a loose enough ponytail in the middle of the nape and secure with a thin elastic band. Comb your hair in a ponytail.

Step 3

Divide the combed hair into separate strands, about 8-9 pieces. Take one strand, and, starting from the elastic, fold it "accordion" to the base of the tail. Pass the hairpin through the accordion and secure in your hair. Do the same for the rest of the strands. You will get an unusual volumetric beam. Secure the result with varnish. The varnish should be applied in large quantities, otherwise the bunch will bloom. Pay special attention to the temples, because short hair most often comes out of the bun in this area.

Step 4

Divide your hair into 2 sections. Divide each part in half, starting from the ear. Twist the halves together to form a tourniquet. After twisting one tourniquet, secure the end with an elastic band. Do the same with the opposite side. Take a bundle of hair in each hand and tie it in a knot at the back of your head. The knot should be the same as the usual laces are tied. The ends of the hair should stick out on the sides of the knot. Secure the knot with hairpins. Remove the elastic bands from the ends of the harnesses and comb through them. Apply hairspray to your hair.

Step 5

Pull your hair into a sleek ponytail at the back of your head. Divide it into 2 parts. Secure the upper third with a hair clip so that it does not interfere with you. Back up the remaining hair vigorously. The bouffant will create the illusion of the hair. Use the pins to attach the mesh to form a ball. Choose a mesh to match your hair color, otherwise it will be noticeable.

Step 6

Free the free part of the ponytail from the hairpin and wrap the hair in a net with it. Use hairpins and hairspray to fix your hair. Hide the net in the central part of the bundle with an artificial flower or a ribbon tied in a bow.