How To Wind Up On Irons

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How To Wind Up On Irons
How To Wind Up On Irons

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Almost every woman has had irons for a long time, because they have a diverse range of uses. The iron can be used to style both straight and curly hair. Modern replacement for old curling irons and curlers allows you to smooth curly curls, polish unruly hair or create almost invisible waves that add volume to the hairstyle. With the help of ironing, styling of any complexity becomes less laborious.

How to wind up on irons
How to wind up on irons

It is necessary

Hair and iron


Step 1

After purchasing an iron, you need to think about the health of your hair. It is much safer than a curling iron, however, additional hair care that does not require a lot of effort does not hurt.

Step 2

After shampooing, you need to apply a vitamin hair mask at least once a week, as well as additionally use thermal hair protection products, which are available in almost every store. They need to be applied to damp hair before blow-drying or ironing, which also helps to bond split ends.

Step 3

Curling straight hair can be done in minutes. The size of the curls will depend on the chosen iron, the thinner the iron, the smaller the curls will turn out. The minimum surface area is 1.5 cm wide.

Step 4

Before starting styling, the iron must be turned on so that it has time to warm up. Then select a strand and squeeze it with an iron at the roots of the hair, without delaying the time, twist the hair vertically, rotating the iron in a semicircle. If you overexpose the iron on your hair, you will get sharp corners at the curls and you will have to do this procedure again.

Step 5

Sometimes you just need to tweak the hairstyle, curling the ends of the hair outward or inward takes literally a few minutes. The iron must be held at right angles to the strands to be treated, grabbing the hair slightly above the ends, and turning it in the desired direction.

Step 6

The iron can also be used to curl short hair. A variety of styling gels or foams can be used to create a tousled look with subtle curls.

Step 7

To keep the hairstyle in its original form longer, it is necessary to apply fixing varnish after winding the hair. Then, until the evening, you can not worry and not constantly look in the mirror.

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